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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This past Saturday night I went on my 2nd "extra mild" couponing spree. This time I took Cutie with me. I went to Walmart. Why Walmart? Well, remember I live in the country...the deep country. There aren't many more choices close by and with gas at $4.15 a gallon I need to stay as close to home as possible.

I got my ads and coupons ready the night before. Cutie was a big help holding the coupons.

I saved $16.58 with coupons and $11.61 with price matching! This doesn't include sales at the store. Anyone can get those...I only count the savings I have to "work" for by clipping coupons and/or studying the ads from other stores.

My best items this time...

100 oz. Gain detergent Reg. $10.47 Price Matched $8.99 - 25 cent coupon left on shelf = $8.74

3 boxes of Kelloggs cereal Reg. $8.70 Price Matched $5.91 {$1.97 each} - $1 coupon = $4.91

NYC Nailpolish Reg. $1.72 I had a Buy One Get One Free Coupon! 86 cents each!

Beggin' Strips Reg. 2.96 I had a Buy One Get One Free Coupon! $1.48 each!

U by Kotex pantiliners Reg. $1.24 - $1 coupon = 24 cents!



A JMS pocket tshirt. Marked down from $8 to $5. I had a $5 coupon for a JMS item.



Julie Harward said...

LOL Nothing wrong with good old Walmart..thats the biggest store round these parts too. Good shopping girl! ;D

Kristina P. said...

I need you to be my sensei! My couponing is not going well.

M-Cat said...

You are the ultimate "extra mild couponer" I love that you had Cutie help you. And, sadly, I have to shop at Walmart too. Not for lack of other options but because they are so cheap and with times as they are, it only makes sense.

Yay for free stuff too!

gigi said...

Love it that you got the shirt FREE!! Go girl! I think that you are doing good I can't even get started! My brother took a coupon class and then taught his wife and I can't get over how much they savem it is well worth the effort it takes to get things together.
I am proud of you and Cutie!

Cherie said...

Way to go getting something free. I have never been good at the coupon game so my hat is off to you!

DesertHen said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Hooray for a free item! =)

I actually had three coupons last week on hand for stuff I buy regularly and I used them...saved myself a $1.50! I guess every little bit helps!

$4.15 a gallon...Yikes! We just dropped back to $3.89 a gallon out here and that still hurts the wallet!

Garden of Egan said...


Who are the Beggin' Strips for? Please don't tell me Dr. Hubby.
Just kidding.

You are impressive!

tammy said...

You're making me want to get more serious about couponing.

And Garden of Egan - my son loves those Beggin' Strips. Sick but true. My MIL used to let him eat one when she'd give her dog one. Until I told her to stop.

Scrappy Girl said...

OMG Tammy! You are kidding! Toby just threw up one yesterday. Very smelly!

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