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Monday, May 16, 2011

How Do You Feel About Surprises?!

"Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us." --Boris Pasternak

Most of the time I feel like Boris Pasternak when it comes to surprises. But I also think Jane Austen had a valid point of view on them.

"Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable." --Jane Austen

There is a fine line that divides my feelings on surprises. That fine line is the state of my home. If my house is a mess and I have surprise guests I have a breakdown when they leave. If my house is clean and I feel a little prepared for the situation I LOVE surprises. I can enjoy them completely.

This past Friday I got a big surprise! My Lil Sis and Mom came to visit! Unannounced. My house was clean. Thank goodness. I have been so stressed over the upcoming house auction that I am not sure I could have handled things appropriately.

The girls were so happy to see Aunt Lil Sis. We went to the opening show of Manga Dork's spring musical. Manga Dork peeked out of the curtain and was SHOCKED to see them sitting with us.

The girls love them both SO much. This surprise was a special treat.

Manga Dork {the tall one in brown with white face and orange nose} was fantastic! She was an eagle in Narnia: the musical. It was very entertaining.

My two little ones were so into the play. At the end they ran up to meet the cast. They loved the white witch and the guy playing Edmond. The feeling was mutual cause I ended up with two offers to babysit if I ever need it!

Congratulations Manga Dork on a job well done!


Kristina P. said...

It depends on who is doing the surprising! If it was MY mom who showed up unannounced, I would NOT be happy. Even if she showed up announced!

Sue said...


But..I'm like you in the fact if my life is in order than I'm more ok with it.
Way to go Manga Dork!
great costumes

tammy said...

What a fun surprise!

I would be shocked if my mom showed up here, especially since she hates to fly. But it would be a fun surprise.

Julie Harward said...

I am like yo..I love surprises, except for if my house is a mess! Looks like fun here! :D

DesertHen said...

I love em or hate em...depends on the surprise...lol! I know, doesn't make much sense!

I'm so happy that you had a WONDERFUL surprise in the form of a visit from your mom and sis! How special is that!! =)

Sounds like the spring musical was a hit! Congrats to Manga Dork on a job well done! =)

Lillian J. Banks said...

I am trying to do better with surprises. My hubby loved to give them- and I am not always a fan. I am right with you on the clean house bit. I won't even open the door if it is a mess!

laterg8r said...

glad you got a good surprise :D

i say, next time they show up unannounced and your house is a mess.... put em to work ;D

M-Cat said...

Not a huge fan of surprise guests. I want to be able to prepare since lately it feels like my house is always in chaos.

On the other hand, a surprise date with Splenda, a surprise of flowers, a surprise of a nice dinner or lunch out are the kind of surprises I LOVE!

Creative Mish said...

What an awesome surprise. I like some surprises but not surprise company. Not sure why.. I just like to be prepared.. I looks like a fabulous play Manga Dork was in

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