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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing Too Extreme...More Like "Extra Mild"

Last night I had a dream that I was one of the Real Housewives of the OC. I was talking to Gretchen {my fave OC girl} about how I felt I needed to make my storyline more interesting or they may drop me next season. lol

Somehow I think my new "hobby" wouldn't add much excitement to my storyline. I am in LOVE with couponing. Have you watched the Extreme Couponing show on TLC?! So crazy! Every Wednesday at 9 and 930!

This past Sunday {5/1} I got my first Sunday paper. I loved going through all the coupons and cutting them so neatly. I also purchased the *All You magazine and cut the coupons from it. On Monday night I gathered my coupon stash {I need to make a binder}, all the store ads, and a notebook and pen. I went through the ads and wrote down the items I buy that are on sale. Then I matched up the coupons to the sales. I made a list with the item name, sale price, and if I had a coupon. I was so excited to go to Walmart the next day...

I loved my kid-free shopping trip {thank you MIL}. I saved $16.35 with coupons and $4.05 with price matching. $20.40 I didn't have to give from my checking account! I reached my first goal of $20! PLUS $2 at Long John Silvers for a quick dinner that night! I was so thrilled!

My best items {in my opinion}

24 oz. Hunts ketchup Reg. $1.24 Price Matched for $1 Coupon for 35 cents Final Price $.65!

Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner Reg. $3.78 each Price Matched for $3.50 each Coupon for $3 Final Price $2 each!

Little Debbie Snack Cakes Reg. $7.50 for 5 Price Match $5 for 5 $2.50 savings!

Do you coupon?


Kristina P. said...

This is so funny! I literally have a post very similar to this for Monday. Even similar titles!

I was just watching Extreme Couponing. I'll just say my journey has been super lame.

Garden of Egan said...

That is amazing.
My daughter keeps telling me about the extreme couponing show. (I don't have cable)

I used to coupon, but I'm not very patient and I really don't buy those kinds of groceries. I'm brand specific with a lot of stuff. Certain soaps, shampoos and laundry stuff gives me migraine headaches so I'm careful.

You totally rock. There are a ton of ideas for coupon binders on youtube. I made one for myself and my DIL about 2 years ago, then I fizzled out.

Scrappy Girl said...

This is the second time in the last month or so you have told me that Kristina. It must be true...GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! lol Can't wait to read your post now!

Jan said...

You and I both Scrappy :) yay.. I just started this hobby love about 2 months ago and can't stop! I dream couponing.. It is super fun and super rewarding! I am actually quitting my job with the money saved..

Clip clip.. Can I have that coupon for this coupon?

Scrappy Girl said...

That is amazing Jan! Wow! btw...it is very nice to hear from you. {{hugs}}

DesertHen said...

I was the coupon queen back in the 90's and early 2000's...long before it ever got this popular. My biggest savings in one trip was $126 between two stores in one shopping trip! I still use coupons to this day, but not like before as I don't buy many pre-packaged or processed foods anymore because of the gluten issue. It is harder to find coupons for fresh foods or gluten free foods, but once in a while I get lucky. =) Have fun with your new hobby! =) The more you save the more addicted you will become!

tammy said...

I used to be good at it. Then it started causing me more stress because I needed to go to the store for things, but hadn't gone through the coupons/ads yet. Now I'm just trying to be good at price matching. I'm amazed at Jan's success. Maybe I should try it again.

M said...

I LOVED the thrill of seeing how much I had saved on my coupons and then I just sort of fizzled. And now that we don't take the paper anymore (not even the Sunday edition) I am out of the loop altogether - I will vicariously enjoy couponing through you!

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