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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

23 days...10 pounds

Hello! It has been several days since I have gotten to post because somehow I contracted a virus, well not me...my poor computer. I turned it on last Thursday and there were computer animated bugs eating my screen. I am not sure what that is, but I assume it can't be good. It was a little freaky. Hopefully the computer Dr. will fix it soon. I am on the computer at our local library.

My diet is going great as you can see in the title. I can't believe so much weight has come off. I hope I can keep it up.

I attended a card club and can't wait to share the cute cards we made. Hopefully I will be back regularly soon. I miss blogging.

As for this weeks American Idol.....David Cook is in a whole other league when compared to the others. He is awesome no matter what he sings. Watching Brooke fall apart is very hard. I like her alot, but it seems she is not going to be able to pick herself up. I was hoping she would. Syesha seems to be fighting to stay in the competition. I still can't stand Jason Castro. My bottom two for this week is Jason Castro and Brooke White. I look forward to what happens.

Happy Wednesday! Hope to blog more soon....

1 comment:

Lawanda said...

YAY!!! On your weight loss!!!!! I maintained this week :-p

I agree with you on DC and the bottom two, even though I love Jason. But, definitely, Brooke should go.

I am anxiously awaiting tonight's show! :-p