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Monday, May 10, 2010


My Mother's Day fun began on Wednesday with a Mother's Day luncheon with Wild Child. She gave me a very beautiful flower.

Then on Thursday I was Cutie's guest at her Mother's Day luncheon. She also gave me a very beautiful flower. I can't wait to put them in my schoolhouse.

Before we left for WV on Saturday, Dr. Hubby gave me this Longaberger Mother's Day basket. My verdict on receiving the same thing as his mom {and we opened them together too} is that I didn't like it. It took some of the "specialness" out of the moment and the gift. I love my basket though!

In WV we stopped at Hobby Lobby. Let me tell ya...that store is FABULOUS! It is not just crafty stuff...it's loaded with Home Decor too! I want one of EVERYTHING! I gave my mom a gift card so she can do some retail therapy in this cool place. Manga Dork picked up these adorable items for my kitchen wall {ok, I may or may not have handed them to her}.

They are just SO adorable...and she was looking for my present!

She also picked out this embossing folder for my cuttlebug. How cute would this be for Super Bowl 2011 invites...cause you know the Saints are so awesome they are gonna do it again!

So on Sunday when I was hugging Wild Child I said, "Guess what today is!?" She said, "What?" I said, "It's Mother's Day!"
She said, "AGAIN?!" lol.
We went to church and then out to eat at Golden Corral {thought of you Kristina!}. This is a pic of FIL and MIL...BIL and SIL w/ niece and nephew, and us.

So, what tokens of LOVE were bestowed upon you? How did you spend your special day?


Kristina P. said...

Golden Corral rules! That is definitely the perfect way to spend Mother's Day.

Garden of Egan said...

It looks like you scored again at Hobby Lobby. They don't have one around here, but at the end of the month I'm going to be in a state that does and I'm going to go crazy!

I love your basket.

tammy said...

Oh how I love Hobby Lobby! And I think I would've been irked at receiving the same thing as my MIL, too, but since I do the shopping for her gifts, chances are that won't happen.

The trip to Disneyland was my Mom's Day gift. I told them that was enough.

Pam said...

I like the hobby lobby too. It's always fun just to pick out your own present. :) Much easier.

Iva said...

awwww what a super cute picture!! :)

kado! said...

looks like you had FUN!

are those cute Kitchen quotes signs to hang up? If so that is cute! I love vintage looking wall hangings like that!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Score! What fun gifts!!! And I totally love those signs!!
What a cute family picture!

M-Cat said...

What cute prizes you got!

I'm still mulling my Mother's day post...don't get me wrong, a great day, but not sure how to verbalize how I feel about the holiday

laterg8r said...

love the kitchen signs - fabulous :D

i got hand picked flowers and hilariously decorated cupcakes :D

Creative Mish said...

I spent the morning at my Mom's visiting with her.. then the afternoon at my Son's. He BBQ'd for all of us... I got a really nice Pot for planting flowers outside and some fabulous Feet and Hand cream. Its nice having a daughter that works at an Aveda Salon.

Creative Mish said...

by the way... I love cuttle bug emboss folders!

Sondra said...

I'm glad you had a great Mother's day. I love the kitchen plaques from Hobby Lobby. I love Hobby Lobby!

I hope you aren't mad at your hubby for the same present as MIL. I think he was very kind to you to give you a wonderful present. However, you are not his mommy and his priority is his Mom. (Don't hate me).

We just get presents from our children - the homemade cute ones until they are bigger. Our husband gift comes on an anniversary or birthday.. But Mother's day is for his mommy. Soooo thank him for the fun gift and give him a break :-)

Hugs... (don't hate me).

jennykate77 said...

I love Hobby Lobby too! One of my favorite places to go! I also LOVE your basket you got for Mother's Day, even if you MIL got the same one! :)

Glad you had a good day!