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Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Do You Even Know What One Smells Like?!

I cleaned all day. Yet it seemed I was making no progress. I was frustrated. I picked up Manga Dork from the bus. I went to clean the littles' room {referred to as the ghetto} and as I was bringing some trash to the kitchen I noticed that the living room {the only room I managed to completely clean} was on the verge of being trashed. The coffee table was turned...there were toys in the floor...and they were all 3 eating chips and being messy about it. Crumbs! Everywhere! That was when it happened...


I am talking a throw myself across the bed...hyperventilating...crying loudly...calling Dr. Hubby while he is still seeing patients...kind of FIT! With a heavy dose of mindless eating following immediately.

It wasn't pretty.

I don't know what a "breakdown" feels like, but I think I may be teetering mighty close to the edge. Dr. Hubby says I am one of the most sane people he knows. Boy do I have him fooled.

And you would think that the last thing he would want to do is add to my stress. He tells me he has not called the contractors for our estimate on our remodel. I am not sure what he is waiting on, but he is doing his best to make sure everyone is already booked. Then he decides to tell me that our home smells like...





Now I know where he is when he doesn't come home til 9 or 10.


Garden of Egan said...

Ok I'm laughing so hard my ER patients think there is a crazy nurse at the nurses station!!!!!

MeerKat Hole???????
Considering he's a doctor I would have thought he could have come up with something much more descriptive!

You're killin' me!

OK, don't meltdown. It isn't worth it. Hand them the vacuum, some rags and a toothbrush....preferrably theirs and have them clean the toilet.
Works everytime.


Garden of Egan said...

FIRST!!! I'm never first!!
That made my day.

OK, so there you have the secret to life.
Lower your standards.
Get happy over being first.
(ie lower standards)
Then a messy MeerKat hole doesn't bother you.
(ie high standards)

tammy said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry with you. Just when would one have the opportunity to smell one of those?

Anna said...

My question is, why do you have to bring trash out of "the ghetto?" At 5 and 6, I would think your girl-children are old enough to take care of their own room. If not, just shut the door and forget about it. At some point they may have issues about how dirty it is in there, and actually be willing to clean it themselves. Or maybe not, but it won't be your problem anymore.

Scrappy Girl said...

Anna...they are 4 and 5...but still they are required to do some picking up. Yesterday was just one of those times where it had gotten a little too out of hand and momma needed to put on her boots and go in.

Sondra said...

LOL! A Meerkat hole?? oh my goodness.. I shouldn't laugh but you are too funny.

Sorry for the melt down... Did your girls feel distressed at all by making a mess and making you cry? Did they snap to it and start picking things up to make you feel better?

Being a mother is hard sometimes... I know you are sane and am glad that Dr. Hubby thinks so too. I hope things perk up as the kids spend more time outside making a mess and not inside.


M-Cat said...

What the crap is a meerkat and does it live in a hole or just have a, um, hole?

We must be on the same wave lenght. I have a complete ape-shizz crazy fit at my youngest this morning, all while I stood naked under a towel and my hair dripping. No wonder he told me not to speak to him again until the school year was over.

Have a diet coke and go hide in your bedroom. It seems to be working for me!

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny but I feel for you because I have had days like that!

Although I seriously do not know what a meerkat hole is??? I may have to look that one up!

Get a milkshake and feel better!! There is always tommorow!!



Cynthia said...

Oh Hon, we all have those moments from time to time. I swear I can't keep up with mine kids' messes and they are old enough to do better.

If you've got a Meerkat Hole I wonder what mine is? The Hubs cooked FISH tonight. In the microwave. Ick!

laterg8r said...

how does he even know what a meerkat hole smells like? LOL :D

i say hire someone to come and clean for a bit!!!

OceanDreams said...

Oh boy that's quite the compliment on your home smell, huh?! Well, I bet that smell sure beats the smell of a hospital, in my opinion! ;) Feel better!