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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Do You Think?

A couple weeks ago Dr. Hubby bought me a gorgeous orchid...he bought one for his mom too.

Dr. Hubby is giving me something that begins with a "L" and ends with a "ongaberger" for Mother's Day! I can't wait! However, he got the same thing for his mom.

Would this bug you? Why or why not?


Garden of Egan said...

Mmmmmm, not sure how I would feel.
We don't do gifts for Mother's Day so I can't have an opinion.

Kristina P. said...

I don't think so. If the gift is something that you both would truly enjoy, I think it's still thoughtful.

Sher said...

Love that orchid!

Maybe I'm dumb, but what's a Longaberger?
I'm going to go google it now.

Lyn said...

Is it the mothers day Longaberger? My Dad got it for my Mom for years and since he passed it's what I give my Mom every year and since my Aunt is a consultant I have her fill it with little things that my Mom enjoys! LOVE IT!
It would only bother me if I didn't like her or Longabergers but I'm a TERRIBLE gift giver so I have no room to talk!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... well... i think i would still love them both especially if he is regarding you as highly as his momma... that is a compliment-- atleast in Most cases it is. i bet it is the case in your case.
just in CASE you didnt catch all thre "case" words in my comment.. i thought i'd add another one.
Case closed :)

just call me jo said...

I'd probably be thrilled that he didn't make me buy my own gift (which he does) and one for his mother too. Thank the silly sap and be grateful. (I have no idea what a Longaberger is either.)

Scrappy Girl said...

Longaberger is a basket making company. They have GORGEOUS baskets!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Eh, as long as it was something we both liked! But I think I would secretly expect him to get me a little extra something just for me.

Of course, my hubby hardly ever gets me anything so, I guess I would be shocked if he gets me anything at all!

M-Cat said...

I am SELFISH B**** and I would be pissed.

That is why you are a better wife/mother and human being than I am! : )

Cherie said...

OK I was reading all these nice comments and then got to M-Cat and felt alot better!
I am WAY SELFISH and I would be so hopping mad!!
A man is supposed to leave his parents and cleave unto his wife and that means bigger presents for the wife. Ha ha
You bear his babies, you clean his toilets, you take care of him while he is sick, you cook him meals, you have sex when you are not in the mood!

He _ _ Yes you should get a better gift!!!

The short answer is Yes that would bug me.

Cherie said...

P.S. I did make the Pork Chops last sunday and they were delish!! Really really good - Lots of flavor and i will definately make them again!

kado! said...

ha! my husband does not even buy his mom any gifts...that is my job to send them to her...so she never gets what i get!

i guess as long as you like and wanted it it's ok?! As long as he spent more $$$$ on yours! ;)

laterg8r said...

who cares what he buys his mom as long as he's buying you what you want :D

Creative Mish said...

It wouldn't bother me if we got the same thing. I'm just happy to get anything :) LOL! If we both have the same interests.. no problem with me... My husband has a busy schedule and hates to shop.

tammy said...

Gorgeous orchid! My MIL gave me one once, but I am no good at keeping things like that alive. If it requires more than the occasional watering, it doesn't stand a chance.