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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Walking A Thin Line...Between Sanity And Completely Losing It

For the last month I have kinda felt like this. Here are just a few things that are making me feel this way...

1. Dr. Hubby's 35th birthday is Monday and I don't know what to get him...at all.

2. My MIL is going through an "I'm worried about the kids and you don't even seem to care" phase. She calls and talks about "poor little Wild Child" and how she thinks she needs her hearing tested. And "poor little Manga Dork" goes to a "country dentist" and do I really think that he knows if she needs a retainer on her bottom teeth or not. It is drivin' me flippin' crazy.

3. It is almost the end of May and Dr. Hubby still has not hired a contractor for our remodel. Everyone is probably already booked and we are not going to get it done.

4. I am the leader of our TOPS weight loss group and I seem to be trying to eat everything in sight.

5. Dr. Hubby has brought home 7 cats in the last couple weeks. 5 are babies that need more attention than I have the time or energy to give them.

6. Dr. Hubby has been overly critical with me and I feel like I can't win for losing when it comes to "housewifery."

7. How does someone go about feeling "sexy" when you know you have the body straight off a "gag" birthday card from Spencers. I keep picturing the card with the big fat woman laying next to a birthday cake.

8. Yesterday was so craptastic that I ended it sitting in my porch swing. I needed quiet to think and relax. Unfortunately the main thought that came to me was "I'm not going to survive the summer if every day is like this."

I think I am going through one of those transitions, and I am having a hard time finding myself. I am sure you have noticed the zillion background changes to my blog...nothing seems to fit. I will figure out a way to lick my wounds and clean myself off soon I hope.

{pictures are 2 of the kittens after their bath}


cheri said...

awww, those days come and go. whenever that day comes, i always think that tomorrow is new day, and i hold on to that thought for dear life.

thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Kristina P. said...

You hang in there! You are beautiful. And I know your husband thinks so.

Julie Harward said...

Have a good cry and then get mad...and go to town on that life of yours...you are in charge! :D

laterg8r said...

i hope things get better soon :D

i'd give away the cats, tell MIL to mind her own biz, hire a housecleaner and a contractor on my own and let the chips fall where they may :D (or you could just chuck it all and go on an extended vaca LOL)

Dana and Daisy said...

oh I can so relate to your problems, I truly, truly can. I've been in a slump lately. I have this beautifully newly redecorated home and I have hardly any energy to style it, clean it, finish the details.

The only thing I have learned is everythign goes in cycles. This too shall pass, it truly will.

As far as Dr. Hubby's birthday goes, take it easy on yourself. Try not to give power to those thoughts of the birthday card. Be the loving wife that you are to him, celebrate with the love of your kids, and let romance happen if the mood hits. He obviously loves you and has committed his life to you!

Sometimes we have to take our thoughts captive, before they eat us alive! ((((HUGS))))

just call me jo said...

First of all--MIL needs to butt out. I know because I am one (MIL) and I get told they don't want to talk about it every time I open my mouth. You'd think I'd quit, but NO! I just keep giving advice. Guess she means well. (I know I do.) She's an idiot like me and thinks her opinion matters. It doesn't. Try to let it slide off your thick skin. ;o) (Don't ask me where you get thick skin. I don't have it yet.)

Second--You need frail cats like I need another fat cell. I'm sorry. Can they be adopted out soon?

Third--don't stress about the weight. I'm convinced it just makes it worse. Go for a brisk walk when you're feeling like throttling the MIL and killing the cats and Dr. Hubby. Walk far. Take water. It will help.

Fourth--know that we all love you and hope you are in better spirits soon. If it helps at all, I'm a raging mess 90% of the time. The other 10% I'm sleeping fitfully. It's how I roll! ARGH!!

M-Cat said...

My oh my - can I just say I think we are on the same wave lenght right now??? Holy alikeness Batman.

First - MIL needs to shut her yapper about your kids. The only time a Mom or MIL should speak about YOUR kids is to say how great they are, and what a fantastic job you are doing. Period.

Second - I love the picture of the first kitty (and I hate cates) the expression is exactly how I have felt for a couple of days.

Hang in there. Grab a diet coke and go sit on the porch swing some more. And know that the M-Cat in UT is totally wit' ya!

tammy said...

Ugh. I hate it when my MIL is driving me crazy. It's taken a lot for me lately to not let her get to me.

It's hard to feel sexy when you don't feel good about the way you look. I've been there and I totally understand. It's hard. And the diet thing is hard too. So not fair that some people can lose weight easily, or never gain in the first place. I wish I had those skinny genes. It's an effort for me every stinking day.

I would be frustrated with the contractor thing too. Why can't our husbands just handle the things we need them to, when we need them to. Sorry.

gigi said...

But you are the glue that is holding it all together!!! They none could do it with out you. Just do it your way when you can pull it together, the rest can wait.
Cheer up and we are here if you need to let it out some more. Do know, we all have MIL's and sometimes it'd just hard.

Garden of Egan said...

You need to picture a duck. Ya, the kind that go in the water. Note how the water rolls off their back?
Ya, now imagine that duck "skin" being you!
Breath deep.
You are awesome and I totally "heart" you!
Hang in there.

Sue said...

we all have moments..or days...or months like that. It's called freakin life.

some people are really buggin me right now..My claws are surfacing

I definitely need a time out..It's not that I don't have a wonderful life..and I am truly grateful..b.u.t life is hard

and sometimes the people you love the most can hurt you like no other..

i luv ya!!!