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Friday, November 14, 2008

Did Scrappy Get Happy?

After posting my "grumpy" post yesterday I went and laid in my bed for 10 minutes and then the 2 little ones came out of their "Dora Trance" and found me. We spent 10 more minutes wrestling and hiding under the blankets.

My MIL watched the 2 little ones while I primed the cabinet in the schoolhouse. It took forever to get that cabinet done. It sucked up almost a gallon of primer. Evidently there is a wasp nest somewhere cause when I looked up there were 6 wasps watching me! Yikes!

AND my FIL has one of his speakers wired up in my schoolhouse. His garage is below me and he wired it through a little hole in the floor. He is a bluegrass lover. I just wanted to beat my head against the wall...I couldn't figure out how to turn it off! The songs those people come up with...I hate to imagine the things they go through to make them write songs like that! There was one about a woman who came to visit a man...she only came late at night...no one knew but him...BECAUSE SHE WAS VISITING HIS GRAVE! WHAT?!

I gave my MIL her invitation...First MIL started dying laughing and said, "I can't believe you are throwing your own party! Did you not trust us to do something?!" I did not reply. Ummmm...I'll let the past speak for itself. Then she threw it on the counter.
I called my SIL and asked how she liked the invite...she laughed and said, "Hold on...I didn't even open it yet." What?! I put my heart into those...
This morning Dr. Hubby said that the girls at his office told him to get me my camera even though he bought the plane ticket...GO GIRLS...then he said, "But they don't realize you are throwing a party too. I didn't tell them because I didn't want to embarrass you." What?!
Evidently I was looking for the wrong movie yesterday...

Anger Management is the one I needed! LOL! "I feel pretty...oh so pretty."

Hurry up Twilight and get here...and Lil Sis!


richies said...

I like bluegrass, but usually listen to it alone, because my wife feels about it like you do.

Tink said...

Ahhh, I need to get the movie Anger Management for my daughter...But you seem to have better reasons. Ahhh, sad that your invitations were treated so lightly. Aaaagh. Hey, I do make some great Maxi Pad slippers... they might put a smile on your face ;0)

McEwens said...

Oh Scrappy! I feel for you! Well, now that you have the right movie, I hope you feel better!

Blue Grass is enough to drive anyone crazy!

Sondra said...

I loved that your little ones came to rescue you from your sad mood. Don't you love being a Mom? It's the best thing in the world.

The school house is going to be awesome when you get it done. It will be lots of work - but soooo worth it. Bluegrass??? Yuck!!! Wasps??? Yuck!!! Mold??? Yuck!!! You have got a bunch of work before you!!

I just loved your invitations!! I'm so sad that the twilight spirit hasn't pumped up those around you for the party of your life!! Maybe by they time your party actually gets here - and the smash it's gonna be - they will feel a fever of excitement. Don't let them ruffle your feathers -- your lil sis is going be there and you'll have a smashing time no matter what!!

BTW - I think you should get a new camera too -- Smiles!!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Ohhhhhhhhh Scrappy! Shame on your MIL and SIL. They don't deserve to be invited. Thank goodness your sissy is coming. That was mean. I am so sorry. I told you how in Spain it is the norm to throw your own parties;) All your bloggy friends love you and will be will you in spirt! "Happy Birthday"!

I was cracking up on the "I wanted to beat my head in" or something like that over the bluegrass music. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Mechelle said...

Your sister is sure to brighten your mood. IT is almost party time!!! m

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

from the sounds of your MIL and your SIL it's a good thing you are THROWING your own party! DANG IT! LOL
I bet it's going to be fun!
Hope your head feels better from beating it against the wall!
Next time just use your MIL's! LOL

Wendy said...

Glad the munchkin's pulled you out of your yuckie mood!

I spent a lot of time in Kentucky with my grandparents as a child...some of that music made me want to run away screaming! My PawPaw would pump it into the Milk Barn and Milk Room! Then it would echo through the barn...you could not get away! That's why I always volunteered to go and get the cows...LOL! You need a boom box! Then you could jam Paramore's "Decode"...winkwink!

Wasp's...YIKES...hubby's allergic!

Don't listen to the naysayer's....is that a word...LOL! Misery loves company...you keep your chin up and Lil Sis will be there in no time! You guys are going to have a Twilightastic time...that should be a word...heehee! BTW...5 more days...YEAH! We got our tickets to the movie last night! We are seeing the 5:00 show on Friday! But, my sister's Theater in PA is showing it at midnight Thursday night...she and 3 of her kids are going to see it! I'm so bummed that Mollie and I can't be there with them, but we'll be there in spirit!

DesertHen said...

Scrappy, Your invitations are out of this world!! Your MIL and SIL....well they just don't matter and they DON'T get it!!! Phewwwy on them!! Girl, you and your Sis are going to have so much fun....=D Remember, Don't let anyone else steal your Sunshine!!

Sorry you had to endure the blue grass music....I'm afraid I would have beaten the speaker to death if I could have not figured out how to turn it off.....he, he, he.

We drove by the local theater yesterday and Countrychick about baled out of the car.....they had the Twilight poster up, which means we will get the movie on opening day.....Countrychick flipped out with excitement!!! She also found the soundtrack at Wally-World yesterday, so I bought it for her.....I think she fell asleep listening to it last night...=D