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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday...ABC Wednesday...AMR swap...And an update on my health

5 places I would like to see before I die...

#1. Paris...I want to travel to another country and this is my first pick...I am a romantic so what better place to visit!
#2. I am SO star struck...I want to visit LA....walk down the Walk of Fame...I want to meet a celebrity...I want to see papparazzi!

#3. Hawaii...I would love to visit this beautiful place...I want to see a volcano.

#4. I would love to see the sphinx and the pyramids. They kinda give me the creeps though. LOL!
#5. The last place I would love to see is my birthmother's home....I would love to find her and sit down and talk for hours.

ABC Wednesday

The letter is P...The last couple days the letter P has been around alot (puke, poop, potty, popsicles, pop, prescription meds, pajamas) BUT you definitely don't want to see ANY of those...so I am sharing a photo from our New York City trip...this is the POLAR BEAR from the Central Park Zoo.

AMR swap

I participated in a swap of alternate shape inchies. I made the striped flower...here are the ones I received...so cute...can't wait to use some on my cards...

My Health
I am feeling much better today. I am still a little weak and my sides are sore from puking so hard. MIL was a life saver and kept the kids yesterday and last night. Unfortunately late last night Cutie Patootie started puking. I am taking Wild Child with me today. We are picking up their Halloween costume portraits. We are also putting together a Christmas Shoebox for Wild Child's preschool. Hopefully I don't overdo it.
Happy Wednesday!


Marchelle said...

glad you're feeling better!

Jan said...

Happy you are feeling better Scrappy.

Mechelle said...

Take it easy. Hope you still get lots of sleep today. m

Sailor Girl said...

On behalf of all the ABC TEAM:

(I also had a problem choosing «P»! Thought about Portugal, Porsche, and names of ships starting with P, like Principe Perfeito!!!! It was really hard! So I decided to post a Poem from a Portuguese Poet called «Pessoa»!!!)

I hope you get well soon!

Love, from Sailor Girl (Portugal)

Anonymous said...

Great places for your Top 5 Tuesday, I'd love to see all those places (#5 being my own birth mother's home actually)

McEwens said...

glad you are feeling better and MIL was a big help!

Have you ever searched for your birthmom? I would think as the years pass things get easier.... do you know much info?

I too want to go to Eygpt!

Wendy said...

Good to hear your feeling better! Don't over do it...rest yourself woman...heehee!

da Bergs said...

SO glad you are feeling better!!!

Miss Pickle said...

i am glad you are feeling better!!!

and with your hubby as a doctor, i bet you WILL be able to go see those places before you die!!!!!


those are CUTE little

April said...

Aww sad face for being sickey poo.

I've been to both Paris and Hawaii (about the only two places I've ever been...) and they were both amazing.

I liked Hawaii better tho.. :)

Granny Smith said...

That polar bear is a great choice for P Wednesday. Glad your feeling better, but don't overdo.

Mother Goose said...

take it slow, stay hydrated and lots of rest! You need to be ready for TWILIGHT! Edward doesn't like slow flowing blood.

Redhoodoos said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you were sick. I know it's going around here too. Glad you're feeling better.

DesertHen said...

Scrappy, I am so sorry to hear that you were so sick!! I hope you are feeling better and resting. Don't over do! As you said the other day on my blog...if we were country neighbors, I would have stopped on over, taken your kiddos home and left you something to soothe that upset tummy!! That nasty stomach bug is going around here as well and I sure don't want to come down with it. I have been in town everyday this week and around a lot of little ones...hope I can keep those icky germs at bay.

Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

DesertHen said...

Oops...I forgot to mention that I love your list and the "P" photo.....=)

Bear Naked said...

POLAR bear is a PERFECT choice for ABC Wednesday,

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know you've won a little award over @ my blog :) Have a great day!

kitchenditcher said...

I would LOVE to go to Greece!! But if you end up being able to go to Hollywood...stop and see me! I'm about 1 1/2 hours away!