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Monday, November 24, 2008

Girls Nite Out...The Winner Announced...AND My Twilight Movie Review

After my party at home we piled in the Escalade (that was in desperate need of a bath)...

Side 1

Side 2...The rear said HONK IF U LUV TWILIGHT...We got several honks and lots of looks!

The rearview mirror decoration

I tucked my paperback copy of Twilight and the Movie Guide in the seat pockets, added pics from the movie, and had a gift bag in everyone's seat. My AWESOME BIL (Lil Sis's Hubby) made me a DVD with 4 Twilight trailers and the "Decode" music video on it. He even made a PLAY screen with Rob Pattinson introducing the trailers. He is so technologically gifted and very generous to do this for me! Thanks BIL!

These are the gift bags.

Each gift bag contained an apple, vampire teeth, a bag of "Well, It's no irritable grizzly," and an ornament I made using a fork (Forks, WA is the setting for Twilight). I used glitter and wrote twilight and 11-22-08 so they could remember celebrating with me! This is where the drama started...SIL thought the ornament was hilarious and MIL said she thought I was "losing my ever-loving mind." I found their gift bags thrown in the floor of my car the next day. Everyone else loved them. This is what I am giving away PLUS a Twilight key chain... I used random.org for the first time... It was fun!
And the winner is...

True Random Number Service
List Randomizer
There were 20 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
dv-rebecca l.
miss pickle
adventure girl
Timestamp: 2008-11-24 13:20:02 UTC

Congrats Sondra! I LOVED reading everyone's gifts to me! I LOVED them all!
We started our evening with some shopping! Lil Sis did our vampire makeup...it was a little weird since I never wear anything....

Manga Dork's 2 BFFs were so fun! These are 2 really great gals.

We had dinner at one of my fave restaurants, Cheddars (not chinese believe it or not). If you look closely there is a cherry stem sticking out of my straw...I tied the knot with my tongue...now that is a great "skill." LOL!

The waitress brought me some yummy ice cream...thank goodness they don't sing! I hate that!
Now for the DRAMA...SIL wanted to go to Cabella's...no one else wanted to go so we pulled up to the front of the store and let her out (MIL tagged along with her). I told her she had 15 minutes...20 at the most...
8:10...SIL enters store
8:33...I call SIL on cell and tell her we have to go to the theatre. She says she is walking out the door.
8:38...I call again and tell her that if she was walking out the door it shouldn't take 5 minutes cause I am parked in front of the door. She says they are coming...
8:42...Lil Sis loses her cool and goes in the store to find them...
8:49...I call SIL's cell and Lil Sis answers. They were in the very back of the store. I tell her to tell SIL that I am leaving at 8:55 with or without them...
8:55...I call again and Lil Sis goes in the store again. She comes back and says they are in line behind about 10 people. I lose my cool and go in store. I ask MIL where SIL is. She says she is second in line. I tell her I am leaving and she needs to go to the car if she wants to go. I find SIL in line behind 5-6 people. In front of everyone...I tell her I am leaving as soon as I get to the car and she needs to come NOW!
9:00...MIL comes to the car and SIL has the nerve to stay in line. I put the car in drive and pull out. Lucky for my SIL she appears and I circle back to get her...
She was not apologetic. I truly believe she didn't care. We were sitting in the car on girl's nite out for 50 minutes so she could buy (hold on to your shorts!) A PACKAGE OF SOCKS!
I was fuming...to be honest as I write this I am still upset...but I let it go for a while and we headed to TWILIGHT!

We were very lucky that it was not crowded and my SIL's irresponsible and rude actions did not affect much. So here is what I thought...
I have so many thoughts that I probably will be very "choppy" but I also wanted to be careful not to ruin it for those who haven't watched.
Every setting was perfect! Bella's room was a little disappointing. The Cullen house was not what I had imagined while reading, but I loved this version better. Casting was perfect...I don't think I have a single complaint...other than I imagined Victoria with redder hair and I was pronouncing "Laurent" wrong! Charlie was SO likeable. He really stood out. Loved the gun scene and his protectiveness. The scene where she tells him "vampire" was a little weird for me...I love where he presses her against the rock. The meadow scene was disappointing. The baseball scene was one of my favorites. The bedroom scene was HOT!...he hit that wall hard though! LOL! I loved the cooking scene with the interaction of the Cullens. Emmett is too cute. The fight scene was a little more graphic than I expected. Love when Alice gets blood on her hand. She is just adorable and I love her even more...can't wait to see her more. I loved it and was hoping to see it again...but Dr. Hubby says he will just wait for the DVD (boo hoo). I can't wait to see NEW MOON!
I tried to make the evening special for everyone...it was my best birthday since my 18th!
Hope you enjoyed hearing about my celebration...there will be 2 empty seats next year though...anyone want to come...


April said...

That's actually a pretty good synopsis! And I would have been ABSOLUTELY LIVID at my SIL if she did that. Sorry, that's just rude.

At first I was a little creeped out at your obsession hee hee. But we all have our obsessions.

I waited with my neices for three hours to see it. I wrote my own review on my blog...you should check it out. (A few posts ago!)

Cute baggies though. I totally would've kept mine.

Tink said...

I LOVED how you all got so into this. Your van was an absolute scream! I definitely would have been honking had I seen you on the streets! Loved the random drawing and was excited to see my name on there! Thanks for the uplift! I look forward to many more.

Jan said...

I hope you had fun despite the DRAMA. Wow....

How fun for you all. Just love the riot fest.

Marchelle said...

i am officially jumping on the bandwagon....as soon as i find a copy of the 1st book! several of my friends are fans so i've finally been convinced! i've been told i need to read the book before seeing the movie though.

and as for the drama........WOW. you have some patience girl! that is ridiculous! i think they deservce a lump of coal this year for christmas!

i'll be glad to take one of those empty seats next year! glad you had a good time!

Sondra said...

OH Yeah!!! I won!! So VERY EXCITED to get the COOLest Ever Gift bag... WOO HOO... I loved your car - fun!! Too bad about SIL - I have NO patients and would have been steaming mad!! I am glad you loved the movie! I liked it much better the 2nd time around. I think I expected more - even though I tried not to. but then again I think I have Twilight the book memorized by now (he he). I'm glad I saw it a second time and enjoyed it. I really want to go again and again.. I have a very addictive personality - LOL..

I am just sooooo happy - I never win!! Cooooool!

Merrianne -AKA- Miss Pickle said...

congrats to Sondra :)

and WOW! you did a great synopsis of the Movie!!!! :)

i don't blame ya for being mad but i am proud of you that you didn't let it spoil your fun birthday!!!!

big hugs!!!!

Mother Goose said...

the movie was ok, it wasn't bad considering the budget. I love alice and I would like to see more of Esme. Carlisle is HOT! Jasper looks like Edward scissor hands, what up??

You really need to forget your sil and mil, they are so disrespectful to you, it is pathetic! they are pathetic.

When I stopped trying to please my inlaws and didn't care anymore one way about them. A funny thing happened. They began kissing my butt. Guess, what?? I like my butt kissed! LOL

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

girlfriend, you are a RIOT! I LOVE it! over the top momma! you should come to my diva meetings!
Now about MIL and SIL, I AM SO SORRY! THAT IS HORRIBLE how they treat you...and on YOUR FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY! I am so sorry. I would have been crying my eyes out. and vowed to NEVER invite them again to another one of my parties! NO MIL AND SIL ALLOWED!
I'm so jealous I didn't win the prize! dang it! I never win! :-(
At any rate, you are so cute and so much fun!
here's a big ol' hug!

Shanda said...

I gotta say, I do admire you for the love you hold in your heart for those horrible low down people. You were kind enough to invite them for peace sake of the family and still this is how they treat you. I think it's time you stood up and very lady like and politely tell them both how much you love them and how meuch they mean to you but from this point on, the bull**** will stop here and now. They will only start to respect you for this and will think twice before not considering your feelings too when presented with a situation. How dare her. I am mad just from reading about that. I use to have a sil who treated me the same way. Notice, I say use to have. God bless you and I'm glad you had a fun evening despite the witchy one.
Mayber the dvd will be out in time for Santa to put it into your stocking.

Mechelle said...

Sounds like so much fun. I am glad you were not disappointed in the movie.

I think you should have a birthday blast like this every year!

Those must have been some sock. m

DesertHen said...

Sounds like you had fun, except for that irritating SIL moment and all for silly socks!! Hummm, think she planned that??? Well anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie. We are still waiting to see it. It will be here sometime in December...long wait!! Your gift bags were so cool...=)

Adventure girl wanna be said...

So many cool details! What a fabulous time EXCEPT for your MIL and SIL. I am so emotional lately, it makes me so mad. I am so sick of people being selfish and mean. I am more sorry then you can imagine for you that they did that to you! What does your hubby think about all their actions?

Scrappy Girl said...

He says that I shouldn't be surprised at SIL's actions and doesn't understand why MIL is so close to her.

Wendy said...

WOW...I came in third...lol...I have never been in the top ten before...heehee!

Lil Sis did a great job on the makeup..:o)

Never eaten at a Cheedar's before...looked really good though!

I hate Drama Queen's...sounds like SIL & MIL had to make it about them...typical queens!

I'm so happy you got to sit next to Lil Sis...I held hands with my daughter for at least the first 15 minutes. We were so giddy and swooning of Edward...LOL!

I said the same thing when Laurent said his name..LOL! I thought Rob Pattinson did a amazing job being gorgeous and scary in the scene at Port Angeles...he rock the whole movie! I loved Charlie...he stole the show! But, my favorite scene was by far the Cullen's entrance into the lunchroom! Hot very hot!!!

I'm sad it's over, but stoked about New Moon! I say go see it again! I totally miss a few things the first time around!

Michelle said...

It sounds like an eventful and exciting evening!!! PS I would have left her and made her call a taxi! LOL!