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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Update

This is Four Seasons Farm Weekend Update...I am Scrappy your host...let's take a look at what happened during Halloween week...

A flock of little black birds "Alfred Hitchcocked" our lawn on Monday. Since then we have seen several more smaller flocks. Creepy!

On Tuesday we found out what bad guessers everyone is...but on Thursday Mommablogsalot was able to guess my Halloween costume (nerd) after several BIG hints.

On Wednesday we had Directv hooked up complete with DVR....it was well worth the wait for just one thing I recorded....can you guess what it was?...THE TWILIGHT TRAILER...we watch it before bed every night. HeeHee!

On Thursday we celebrated Halloween in our small town. What fun! PLUS you all got to meet my alter ego Samuel Yoder.

On Friday Dr. Hubby ordered my birthday present...I am so excited about Lil Sis coming...the camera will just have to wait...Manga Dork is letting me use hers if you were wondering how I am still taking pics after the death of mine. When choosing it was a no-brainer! Manga Dork and a group of her friends went to a haunted house...2 of her friends stayed over...I half expected to wake up with them in my bed the next morning.

On Saturday Dr. Hubby took some cows to the market...their scale broke...he did not get home til 2AM. We were supposed to go to a bonfire at a friend's home...Cutie, Manga Dork, and I went without him and Wild Child. It was fun though...

Her Dad had cut all the poles for roasting weinies and marshmallows...YUM!
Cutie Patootie is so bashful when she first gets somewhere...this is how she stayed for the first hour! Sometimes she was even UNDER my skirt!

I love this group of girls...they are so much fun!

We took Manga Dork's BFF with us to Walmart before the bonfire! Look what she bought! That's me....spreading the addiction one person at a time! LOL! I so wanted one of these copies with the movie characters on the front...I already have one paperback and one hardback...Mechelle has 7 Christmas trees...hmmmm....it has a poster in it...it has discussion questions in it....I settled for her friend bringing it home with us!

This was a sight worth celebrating!

Happy Weekend!
Happy Birthday to My Dad!


Jan said...

Fun times Scrappy. Very busy. I am still free of the addiction. Only one on the planet by now.

That is a great price on gas.

McEwens said...

fun week scrappy! I too,like Jan- havent read twlight

DesertHen said...

What a crazy, busy, fun week you had.....That bonfire looked like so much fun. Haven't been to one in years.

Have a peaceful Sunday.......

Wendy said...

You guys had a very fun filled week! I'm tired just reading about it..heehee! I love bonfires...hot dogs and marshmallows...yummie!

I have to say that I'm shocked about Cutie Patootie being bashful. I would have never guessed that either...lol!

I think everyone around me is completely over hearing me talk about Twilight...now I just accost strangers...LOL!

I'm so happy about the cost of gas coming down. I hope it keeps going! Hoping for $1.89...which is where we were post Katrina!

Have a Blessed Sunday!

da Bergs said...

Looks like you were way busy but had fun!!! I love roasting marshmellows!

kitchenditcher said...

I seriously loved the picture of the girls laying on their backs! Darling shot!

I've read Twilight and LOVED it!

Mother Goose said...

a very fun busy week! so glad gas is coming down. We have it for $1.94!

Redhoodoos said...

I read twilight but I haven't read the other three. My daughters are NUTS over the books. NUTS! I bought the last 4 tickets to the midnight showing of the movie when it comes out. My girls are stoked to say the least. I love bonfires - haven't been to one in years. You live in such a pretty area. Cute kids!!!

Keli said...

Shout out to the gas...WOOT WOOT...it's $1.99 here! Love it!

Your weekend was full but fun! Thanks for sharing it!

Mechelle said...

That is a great price. I paid 4.59 this summer! What a difference a few months make.


whoopsadasie said...

Busy week! Loved the pictures of the girls...to cute.
I am almost through with book three. I hate to admit it...but it is kinda getting boring! OH NO, I just didn't!!! ;-)