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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Fun!

It felt so good to be with my family this Thanksgiving. I haven't had the chance to travel "back home" much this year. Can you guess what my dad and Wild Child are looking at?!

The deer! The kids go nuts when they come into the yard. The one on the far left was actually looking at them through the window.

A favorite thing to do at Grandpa and RubyNan's house is playing the piano. I believe Wild Child is musical...heaven help her with us as parents. That's almost as bad as being very athletic...LOL!

After the piano concert we were called into the feast. Wild Child immediately ran for Grandpa's chair. My dad put her out quick! See his phone on his side...he carries it and a scanner for his wrecker service...with all the ringing and noise you always know when he is coming near!

When we gathered around the table, we noticed Cutie was missing. We found her naked and asleep in RubyNan's sewing room!

I took time to put Fall colors on everyone and we didn't even get a group photo! Wild Child had an "accident" and ate her dinner bottomless.

After the feasting we were stuffed and ready to be lazy. Dr. Hubby and Manga Dork took advantage of the air mattress in the sewing room. We watched "This Christmas."

My mom and dad are great! My dad is shy about affection and attention. He usually starts using humor to deflect any mushy moments. I am so lucky they chose to adopt me. I am blessed.
After all the feasting and laziness we went outside and visited BFF Ruth. It was nice to see her too. My kids love her.
What a great holiday! Thank you God for everything!

This Was Just Sad...

*Due to technical difficulties my Thanksgiving post will come later*

When we arrived at my mom and dad's house of Thanksgiving Eve the little ones were wound up and stayed up til midnight. My parents only get tv through an antennae so I was watching Jay Leno on NBC. I was so excited to hear that Rob Pattinson (Edward from Twilight for those of you living under a rock LOL!) was one of the guests.

THIS is the way this young man chose to appear on Jay. I think I sat with my jaw dropped for the entire interview. Heidi Klum asked him if he styled his hair that way or did he just wake up!

Jay told him that he had a feeling that if he wasn't an actor that he would be homeless...Rob agreed. How long do you think it has been since he has washed those wrinkled clothes? Someone get this boy a stylist FAST! I could almost smell him through the tv!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Did I go...stay tuned!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Finding Thanksgiving

Hope that this Thanksgiving you are able to find MANY things to be thankful for...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am packing our stuff so we can go celebrate Turkey Day with MY family! I am so excited to see my mom, dad, papa, and mama! I also get to visit BFF Ruth! I am taking her my paperback copies of Twilight and New Moon (you didn't think I would quit spreading the addiction just because I detwilighted my blog, did you?!) {Insert evil laugh here}

I loved Orange County Housewives last night! I love to watch them shop and get botox injections. I loved the new girl who is married to Kenny Rogers/Santa Claus! LOL! I look forward to seeing her interact with Tamra...catfight! I am also glad to see Vicki is still LOUD and excited. Don't tell anyone, but Dr. Hubby watches too...he will deny liking it if asked though!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Moving On...

I am SO excited! Season 4 of the Real Housewives of Orange County premieres tonite on Bravo at 10 PM! They gave it a good shot with NYC and Atlanta, but they couldn't beat the originals. I can't wait to see what my funny LOUD Vicki is up to this season! This season there is Vicki, Laurie, Jeana, Tammi, and a New Wife on the Block. Who is your favorite housewife from any season?

I "de-twilighted" my blog. Sorry to all the twilighters who will miss it. I know there are a few of you out there that said "Hallelujah" when my blog came up this time though! LOL!

Bless your hearts if you actually read all of the last LONG post! I really appreciate all your comments and hearing your thoughts on the DRAMA helped alot! I have decided not to confront my SIL or MIL. I am going to just back away...no longer am I going to try to be "friends"...they are my MIL and SIL and that is the extent of it. I have tried to include them in my intimate group of friends, but it is impossible. It has been more stress than I can stand. No more...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Girls Nite Out...The Winner Announced...AND My Twilight Movie Review

After my party at home we piled in the Escalade (that was in desperate need of a bath)...

Side 1

Side 2...The rear said HONK IF U LUV TWILIGHT...We got several honks and lots of looks!

The rearview mirror decoration

I tucked my paperback copy of Twilight and the Movie Guide in the seat pockets, added pics from the movie, and had a gift bag in everyone's seat. My AWESOME BIL (Lil Sis's Hubby) made me a DVD with 4 Twilight trailers and the "Decode" music video on it. He even made a PLAY screen with Rob Pattinson introducing the trailers. He is so technologically gifted and very generous to do this for me! Thanks BIL!

These are the gift bags.

Each gift bag contained an apple, vampire teeth, a bag of "Well, It's no irritable grizzly," and an ornament I made using a fork (Forks, WA is the setting for Twilight). I used glitter and wrote twilight and 11-22-08 so they could remember celebrating with me! This is where the drama started...SIL thought the ornament was hilarious and MIL said she thought I was "losing my ever-loving mind." I found their gift bags thrown in the floor of my car the next day. Everyone else loved them. This is what I am giving away PLUS a Twilight key chain... I used random.org for the first time... It was fun!
And the winner is...

True Random Number Service
List Randomizer
There were 20 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
dv-rebecca l.
miss pickle
adventure girl
Timestamp: 2008-11-24 13:20:02 UTC

Congrats Sondra! I LOVED reading everyone's gifts to me! I LOVED them all!
We started our evening with some shopping! Lil Sis did our vampire makeup...it was a little weird since I never wear anything....

Manga Dork's 2 BFFs were so fun! These are 2 really great gals.

We had dinner at one of my fave restaurants, Cheddars (not chinese believe it or not). If you look closely there is a cherry stem sticking out of my straw...I tied the knot with my tongue...now that is a great "skill." LOL!

The waitress brought me some yummy ice cream...thank goodness they don't sing! I hate that!
Now for the DRAMA...SIL wanted to go to Cabella's...no one else wanted to go so we pulled up to the front of the store and let her out (MIL tagged along with her). I told her she had 15 minutes...20 at the most...
8:10...SIL enters store
8:33...I call SIL on cell and tell her we have to go to the theatre. She says she is walking out the door.
8:38...I call again and tell her that if she was walking out the door it shouldn't take 5 minutes cause I am parked in front of the door. She says they are coming...
8:42...Lil Sis loses her cool and goes in the store to find them...
8:49...I call SIL's cell and Lil Sis answers. They were in the very back of the store. I tell her to tell SIL that I am leaving at 8:55 with or without them...
8:55...I call again and Lil Sis goes in the store again. She comes back and says they are in line behind about 10 people. I lose my cool and go in store. I ask MIL where SIL is. She says she is second in line. I tell her I am leaving and she needs to go to the car if she wants to go. I find SIL in line behind 5-6 people. In front of everyone...I tell her I am leaving as soon as I get to the car and she needs to come NOW!
9:00...MIL comes to the car and SIL has the nerve to stay in line. I put the car in drive and pull out. Lucky for my SIL she appears and I circle back to get her...
She was not apologetic. I truly believe she didn't care. We were sitting in the car on girl's nite out for 50 minutes so she could buy (hold on to your shorts!) A PACKAGE OF SOCKS!
I was fuming...to be honest as I write this I am still upset...but I let it go for a while and we headed to TWILIGHT!

We were very lucky that it was not crowded and my SIL's irresponsible and rude actions did not affect much. So here is what I thought...
I have so many thoughts that I probably will be very "choppy" but I also wanted to be careful not to ruin it for those who haven't watched.
Every setting was perfect! Bella's room was a little disappointing. The Cullen house was not what I had imagined while reading, but I loved this version better. Casting was perfect...I don't think I have a single complaint...other than I imagined Victoria with redder hair and I was pronouncing "Laurent" wrong! Charlie was SO likeable. He really stood out. Loved the gun scene and his protectiveness. The scene where she tells him "vampire" was a little weird for me...I love where he presses her against the rock. The meadow scene was disappointing. The baseball scene was one of my favorites. The bedroom scene was HOT!...he hit that wall hard though! LOL! I loved the cooking scene with the interaction of the Cullens. Emmett is too cute. The fight scene was a little more graphic than I expected. Love when Alice gets blood on her hand. She is just adorable and I love her even more...can't wait to see her more. I loved it and was hoping to see it again...but Dr. Hubby says he will just wait for the DVD (boo hoo). I can't wait to see NEW MOON!
I tried to make the evening special for everyone...it was my best birthday since my 18th!
Hope you enjoyed hearing about my celebration...there will be 2 empty seats next year though...anyone want to come...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's My Birthday...I'll Party If I Want To...

I can't believe the party day is over! I have planned and looked forward to it for a month or so.

Look who came to my party! Edward himself! Thank you to Manga Dork for letting me strip her room to decorate! Not sure if you can tell (still using old camera) but my napkin rings are vampire teeth! I got the black martini glasses in the Halloween sale!

My big apple was perfect in the center of the table! I added my sticker pack around it.

This is the kid's table. I got the basket at Dollar Tree.
The Menu for Our Lunch..."Irritated grizzly," "Mountain Lion," and "Stupid Lamb" sandwiches with AB+ soup. Yum!
This was my yummy cake...it was delicious...BUT they forgot to give me my cherries for the top of each cone...

Me with my cake! Lil Sis bought me the t-shirt and Team Edward pin. She also gave me a great Twilight bag!

My MIL gave me "One day off to so you can scrapbook." I LOVED IT!

The rest of my gifts. Anger Management, 27 Dresses, and Big Daddy from MD...David Cook's CD from Wild Child...PS I Love You from Cutie Patootie...This Christmas from SIL...Mary Englebreit notepad and Willow figurine from MD's BFF...candle and snowglobe from our neighbors.
Coming later...GIRLS NITE OUT! Don't miss it! I definitely needed to pop in my Anger Management DVD...just a little drama...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Weekend Day #1

I kicked off my weekend of birthday celebrating by picking up my "present" at the airport. Then we went over to the town center and met my mom and grandma. The Christmas decorations were SO pretty! My grandma was terrified of the glass elevator in the background.
After my mom and grandma left...we hit Hot Topic and f.y.e.! I bought Esme's bracelet, a keyring, and a pack of stickers. Manga Dork bought Rosalie's necklace, another t-shirt, a Team Jacob pin (I threatened to disown her) and a life-size Edward standee.

We are exhausted and ready to catch some zzzzz's. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Don't forget to comment on the post below (11-20) to enter my birthday giveaway!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Giveaway!

I have put together gift bags for my guests...they will find them in their car seat when we leave for our Girls Nite Out! You have a chance to win one. All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me what your present to me would be if you were attending my party. You will need to comment before midnight (EST) Sunday evening (23rd).

My toe is ok. I won't be in bloggy world much if at all this weekend. Hope everyone has a great Twilighty weekend...I look forward to reading what you think about the movie! I can't wait to see it on Saturday! Be on the lookout for lots of photos and info. on Monday!

Happy Weekend!

Bruises...Boots...Birthday Cake!

Those were not my "piggies" in that last post..just in case you were confused. These are mine...

Yes, it is as painful as it looks...

Tomorrow I am going to be rockin' these cuties...BUT I am taking my tennies just in case!
(See Mechelle I DO have shoes)
(Despite being raised in WV)

Today me and the two little ones are going to pick up my yummy birthday cake.

Happy Thursday!
(Welcome Home To Jan's Wonderful Son)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did Scrappy's Toe Go Snappy?!

What would any big event in Scrappy's life be without a foot injury...remember NYC?! LOL! Today while I was cleaning I hit my toe on our mini Cracker Barrel rocker...it made a little snap sound. I went on about my business, but I kept noticing that the pain was not going away and my toe felt a little "chubby."
When I went to pick up MD I stopped by to see my fave doctor. He pushed and pulled and twisted it...then said, "You need an xray." He also said, "If is is out of place you will need to see an orthopedist (I think that is what he said) and they may have to put it in place and maybe put a small pin in it. Yikes! I am such a baby I was almost in tears! Ooookkkk...so he called in a favor and the chiropractor's xray tech came back to the office to xray it...love those perks! IT IS NOT BROKEN! Hallelujah! It is just purple and sprained! I am SO thankful...

She Works Hard For Her Party...So Hard For It Honey...

My party day (Saturday) is almost here. Today I am cleaning the whole house, putting the finishing touches on party items, making a thousand lists to keep my head together the next 2 days, cleaning out the car, and attending a parent meeting for MD's basketball team. Whew!

Thursday I am going to take Wild Child to preschool, put finishing touches on the house, pick Wild Child up, drive an hour to pick up food and cake for party, drop little ones at grandparents to spend the night, attend preschool conference at 6:45 pm, and decorate for party.

Friday I will be picking up Lil Sis at airport (2 1/2 hour drive), meeting my mom and grandmother at mall, shopping, and then driving back home.

Saturday is party day!

It's gonna be a wild time, BUT so much fun! Be on the lookout for a birthday giveaway starting Friday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Tuesday...

My friend Heidi does weekly Toasts to Tuesdays...thought I would give it a try...

I toast to David Cook's CD finally coming out today. "Light On" is a great song!

I toast to my MIL babysitting so SIL and I could put up all my scrapbooking stuff in my schoolhouse! It looks so great! I teared up when I stood back and looked at my cabinet full of my scrappin' goodies. I could visualize it for so long from start to finish. It felt so good for it to be a reality. I am so grateful for this special space. Pictures will come soon...

I toast to getting my dining room back after moving out all the scrapbooking stuff! Now I get to clean and decorate...

I toast to my birthday plans coming together so smoothly...so far. It is going to be me, Lil Sis, MIL, SIL, Manga Dork, and her 2 BFFs. I just put "Happy 34th Birthday" on my cake.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Cake Advice Needed!

I am going to order my birthday cake today...I am ordering a cake from Brusters Ice Cream Shoppe. It will be filled with Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream! I was just wondering...do I put Happy 34th Birthday Scrappy OR Happy 34th Birthday To Me? I like them both, but wondered if I should use the "to me" since I planned the whole thing! Help me out!

I couldn't resist sharing this photo of my dream cake....Fat grams AND Louis Vuitton...Awesome!

It's Storytime...

There once was this beautiful little girl (we'll call her Mongolian Duck) who was having a bit of trouble in school. The other kids had been calling her names like snob and stuck-up. One really hateful jealous little girl even went as far as to call her a b*@&#. This really bothered Mongolian Duck. She asked her mom (we'll call her Sappy) if she really was those things. Sappy hugged Mongolian Duck and told her "Absolutely NOT." Then Sappy explained some things about teen girls and their thought process...and maybe even a little about the parents who fail to teach them how to treat others.

The next evening Mongolian Duck and Sappy were at the grandparents home. Mongolian Duck asked her grandmother (we'll call her MILlie) if she was a snob or stuck up. MILlie told her that she was a little conceited and stuck on herself BUT not a snob or stuck up. Then Mongolian Duck said, "Am I a b*#@$?" MILlie paused and seemed to be thinking. Sappy held her breath and prayed..."PLEASE don't tear down this child...PLEASE reaffirm what I already told her....PLEASE ease her worries." MILlie said, "If you're not careful...you could be..." WHAT?!

That is not even the most unbelievable part...Sappy sat there and didn't say a word...She was in shock! She could really kick herself now AND MILlie's butt! Sappy talked with Mongolian Duck and explained that MILlie needed to be on crazy pills and didn't have a clue.

What would you have done?! What would you do now if you were Sappy?

Can You Guess Who's Birthday It Is???

Today is the birthday of 2 of my bloggy buddies...

I have not "known" them long, but I liked them right away and read their blogs daily!

Can you guess who they are???

Happy Birthday CJ and Suzie! Hope you both have the best of birthdays!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Update

It is snowing here on Four Seasons Farm! So pretty...let's check out our weekend update...

Early this week I considered if I was "obsessed" with Twilight...quack! Well, evidently I have gone from liking...to obsessed...to maybe annoying?! Dr. Hubby stood in the kitchen last night and declared our home a Twilight-free zone. LOL! He even reminded me of my age! Ummmm...it could be kinda hard to go Twilight-free until next Sunday!

On Tuesday I passed on bloggy awards...it was fun to read your posts and see how you passed them on. I also revealed my bday invitation! They were SO fun to make.

On Thursday a bad case of the "grumpys" hit me. I never did find my Son In Law video...but I am in a much better mood now. Just a little stressed with so much to do! I also showed you the BEFORE pics of the schoolhouse. There was a little confusion...these pics were taken last winter. I am not that fast of a worker....LOL! I wanted to share with you all from the beginning to the end! I painted the bathroom and bathroom door yesterday. All painting is done now! Hurray!

My FIL tortured me with his bluegrass on Friday...on Saturday I sneaked into the basement and loaded my Pink CD into his player....ahhhhh...better...much better! BTW...the Twilight soundtrack was #1 on billboard this week!

AND THE WINNER IS...Desert Hen! She was the first person to guess that it was a FLY! Email me your addy and I will send out your card! Thank you all for guessing! There are SO many dead flies in the schoolhouse. So gross. I am going to suck them up in the shop vac today!

Lil Sis emailed me pics of her contacts she is wearing for our Girls Nite Out! For Non-Twilighters...when "vegetarian" vampires are hungry their eyes are black...when they have eaten they are amber colored. Lil Sis normally has gorgeous baby blues...

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Key To Happiness...Schoolhouse Cropping Station...What In The World Is That?!

Evidently pretty rainboots are the key to happiness! The 2 little ones loved them so much they wore them in the house for an entire day...unfortunately Papa let them initiate them in the barn so outside they stay...

This is in the kitchen area of the schoolhouse. It was where the cabinets and sink was. I removed the doors of the cabinets and the entire counter. My FIL and BIL built me this.

Last night SIL and I painted it. It looks so pretty and white. You also get a sneak peek at the color I put on the walls of my scrap space! The counter top will hold all our "machines" like the Cuttlebug, Cricket, and Sizzix machine. I am hoping after Christmas it will also hold a Bind It All!

First person to guess what this is will win a handmade Christmas card from me! Only 1 guess per person please!

Happy Weekend!