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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Happens In Vegas...Day #3

We started our day with a taxi cab ride to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. I {heart} the twisted mac, chicken, and cheese.

A couple more cool hotel sightings.

Dr. Hubby wanted to shop a little before heading back to the conference. We went to the Hawaiian Marketplace. These twins had everyone moving. Manga Dork got a temporary tattoo...a fleur-d-lis to honor her beloved New Orleans Saints. A girl pulled me aside and gave me one french manicured nail, one nail with a white flower, and one nail with a blue butterfly. Cool product...not so cool with only one of each...lol.

We strolled along the Miracle Mile Shops in the Planet Hollywood Hotel. These were a few shops that you don't see just anywhere...btw...that is french connection uk! Cracked me up though. Dr. Hubby went back to the conference and we headed back out on the strip.

He called me "love"

then took out his gun and tried to make out with me!

Ahhh...Paris...How romantic...

We went inside and strolled the streets of Paris. We wanted to go up in the Eiffel Tower but a crazy wind had started to blow.

By the time we got to Ballys the wind was making my hair blow straight up in the air and the palm trees were bending...yikes!

The sky was a little spooky above the Bellagio Hotel.
We walked back to our hotel...got some Panda Express...and crashed!


tammy said...

"then took out his gun and tried to make out with me!" - totally cracked me up!

It's weird to see the palm trees bend like that isn't it? I always think I will see one snap off, but they never do.

Glad you're having fun!

Cherie said...

I love the characters that stroll around Vegas and the hotels - cool pirate - So...come on did you make out with him? LOL!!

We have stayed at the Paris before and I love the Bellagio - I hope you went inside it is the most beautiful hotel on the strip!!

CraftyRia said...

We're staying at the Monte Carlo in May! Your pictures are getting me all excited about the trip.

Last year when I was there, I bought the nail kit that they sell in those booths. It's fun to play with. I bought the pink kit for $35 or $40 and she threw in some free nail polish. You can wheel and deal with those ladies if you're interested. Check out their website for their regular prices, so you know you're getting a deal.

Becky said...

Creepy Sparrow...I thought he was a statue at first!

Fcuk!! LOL!!!

Garden of Egan said...

I hope you enjoyed your makeout session with Sparrow!
How fun to wander around. I have only been to Vegas for less than a day.
I'm such an idiot that when those people standing on the edge of the sidewalk were handing out the magazines, I said thank you and took them. When I got back to the car realized what I had. Such an dork!

ticketi2000/Emmchen said...

I was in 1998 in Las Vegas. It is so great there. And everything changes over and over again, the town grows constantly. I plan in 2 years to fly again!
Lots of love



laterg8r said...

love the night pic of the bellagio :D

OceanDreams said...

Love your hotel shots and you look so pretty in pink! Ha ha, Jack Sparrow is a hoot and he looks like a great Jack Sparrow.

I was excited to see the Betsey Johnson store too, love her stuff. :)

M-Cat said...

It looks like you having so much fun!

Unknown Mami said...

You were attacked by a Pirate and you were smiling!

kado! said...

oh man, you went to the HR and ate at the cafe, not inside the hotel? The really good food is inside the hotel...next time you must go to the Pink Taco!! MMMMMmmmm!

and the gun part made me LOL! ha!

Creative Mish said...

Wow girl! You get around! What a nice looking pirate!

mother goose said...

i love bettie page! the stores are awesome there! a mini NY