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Monday, March 1, 2010

You've Never Had It So Random...{No Kids Edition}

It is weird not having the little ones under my feet. I keep hearing them say my name. Creepy.

I don't know if I am having a seasonal crisis...midlife crisis {a little early}...or an identity crisis. My "self" just feels off. I feel like I am questioning all my thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions, etc. I can't seemBold to find my gRoOvE.

Last night Wild Child called and said she wants to come home. I better start scrapping FAST!

Manga Dork and I saw "Valentine's Day" yesterday...I was expecting STUPID...I LOVED it! The characters are all so likeable. We laughed...we said "Awww...how sweet." Such a cute film. Taylor Lautner actually has the line "I'm not comfortable taking off my shirt in public." I LOL'd. Lil Sis you have need to go see it NOW!

Dr. Hubby let Manga Dork pierce the top of her ear while I was innocently in a CRAFTS 2000 induced coma at the mall. When we got in the car and were driving out of the parking lot I had to stop the car and sit for 10 minutes...my blood was boiling. Both of them knew I was against it.

My BIL and SIL are moving off the farm this month. This makes me sad and mad. We could have had SO much fun, but it is ALWAYS drama. I guess I am mourning all the good times we could have had.

Happy Monday! {Prepare to be dazzled and amazed tomorrow by all my scrappy creations!}


Sondra said...

It must be the season to feel "off" of who you are. I'm in the same place right now - and my babies are not even gone :-D.

I'm glad you are scrapping and can't wait to see your beautiful creations.

I'm surprised about Valentine's Day... Hmmmmm I think I need to see it now.

Enjoy your free time ... and have a great day! {{HUgs}}

Kristina P. said...

I was surprisingly pleased with Valentine's Day. It was predictable, but not nearly as bad as the critics said. Thanks for posting my button!!

Pam said...

I am ready to be dazzled. : ) My hubby lets out daughter do things he knows I wouldn't let her do too.

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm surprised Dr. Hubby did that. My neighbor growing up was a Dr. and wouldn't let her kids pierce the cartlidge because of if it got infected...not pretty.

tammy said...

I've felt "off" before too. I didn't like it.

So were Dr. Hubby and Mango Dork both grounded after that?

I hate drama. Unless I'm watching it on HW.

tammy said...

p.s. How's the weightloss going?

DesertHen said...

It is very natural to feel "off" and you will experience it many times from the mid 30's and on. I'm on my second round of that now! There are days I just want to scream because I just don't "feel" like "me"! My sis is doing the same thing as well and she is now in her mid 50's! I guess it just comes and goes in cycles.

Thanks for the update on the movie. I was wondering about it. Will have to wait now until it comes out on DVD as it has already played here in a tiny theater.

Look forward to seeing all of your wonderful scrappy items...=)

Ouch on the ear thing and I bet you were MAD since they went behind your back. I would be miffed too!!


Sue said...

I thought the 2 Taylor's stole the show..

I'd be miffed at the earring thing too.

Feeling "OFF" is so normal for women...It's because we freakin care about everything...

Dazzle me!!!

Creative Mish said...

Enjoy your free time! They'll be back before you know it. I would be a little HOT about the piercing, too...Especially since they knew you were against it!
Can hardly wait to see your creations!

M-Cat said...

I would definitely be ticked about the earring thing. Maybe Dr Hubby should have to pierce his too now as punishment?

OceanDreams said...

Dr. Hubby needs to be grounded. Proud of you for sitting and taking a deep breath for ten minutes, I try to do this as well.

Unknown Mami said...

Oh no, sorry about the piercing incident.

mother goose said...

sorry about having your sil leave the farm, and double sorry about having your daughter get the piercing. so, is she keeping the hole or are you letting it heal

kado! said...

i do that with the kids gone too..not that is happens that often...but it is an eire silence!

i had my upper ear pierced once...it hurts like hell to sleep on that side, and talk on the phone with it. I took it out in the hospital when i gave birth to my oldest...and never put it back in!