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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Fairytale Continues...

The Queen had a really rough day yesterday. The little princesses were royal pains. She ended up with a headache the size of a dragon's booty.

After school the oldest princess was taken to purchase clothing for the dance. Dr. King invited his mother to go along. Salt into the queen's wounds...

When they returned late that night the princess brought her finds into the queen's royal chamber. The queen was shocked to see a plain v-neck tshirt with a tube top of a thing to go under it. The jewelry and shoes did nothing to compliment the ensemble. The princess's main complaint had been she needed something with SPARKLE for the dance...there was no sparkle.

The queen half expected Sir Ashton Kutcher, the castle's jester, to jump out!

So the queen spoke her mind and the princess put on her best pouty teen face and marched out of the room.

"What are we going to do?" the queen thought. She wanted to enlighten the princess.

The queen sat straight up in her bed. "I know! We'll ask the royal court which outfit would be best for the princess to wear to the dance!"

Hear ye Hear ye
To all my royal bloggy court
You are hereby invited to make
your opinion heard.
Friday April 9th in the year
Come vote for the outfit
to be worn by the princess.


Cynthia said...

Sorry you're having a rough time with the family right now. Family stress is the worst! You might want to ask yourself why it matters so much to you which outfit she wears? So long as both are modest, if she doesn't look as cute as she could, it's her choice. I can't tell from your post but is this about the outfit or about winning a symbolic victory? You're a GREAT Mom, just think on it. Sometimes in the heat of battle in life we lose perspective. Methinks the outfit is the 'topic' but not at all the issue. If the issue is your husband giving in to a whining teen against your judgement, then you gotta go to the source on that- the Hubs.

tammy said...

I will be here to vote!

I hate it when my MIL sticks her nose in where it doesn't belong, or goes against my known wishes. To have my hubby invite it, would be even worse!

Sorry for the drama.

tammy said...

And I would probably be screaming "Off with their heads!" at this point.

Garden of Egan said...

The teen princesszilla will not like what we have to say I fear.
I think the king is getting closer to beheading.
I also fear for the MIL royal safety.

The Blonde Duck said...

I can't wait!

I know something to cheer you up. Do you have a Michaels near you? On their dollar sale bin thing, they had all this cute stuff, like notepads and notecards and menu pads that said Scrapbook Girl! You'd love it!

M-Cat said...

I'll be around to vote! I am glad I didn't have daughters...... I kind of get the idea, they are harder.....

Cherie said...

Oh the drama of having a teen girl! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Cherie said...

P.S. Taking MIL - Oh man not good!

Creative Mish said...

It is seems to always be something with the darling teenagers.