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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Results {Numbers 11-22}

#11. Go camping
Was I delusional or high the day I put this on the list?

#12. Visit San Francisco
I put this on the list because I thought we were going there for Fall Conference. Dr. Hubby decided he would attend the spring conferences. Up next...SAN ANTONIO, TX.

#13. Dress more fashionable
Um...fail. I still can't break out of my denim skirt and vneck tshirt addiction.

#14. Do a Flat ScrappyGirl adventures album
Don't really want to do this one anymore.

#15. Visit Dresden Ohio {Longaberger}
I don't know how I did not do this one! Time just got away from me...

#16. Enter another float in 4th of July Parade
We had to go on our vacation the week of 4th of July because of Uncle Lige's schedule. We were not there for the parade.

#17. Eat at the Jug this summer
This is one of those "only open in the summer" restaurants. I finally ate there...but I forgot my camera so I have no picture. It was yummy...I went back a couple more times!

#18. Go on a family vacation
We spent a week in a beach house on Oak Island, NC. I want to go back again next year!

#19. Make my home cozier
I love all the paint and decorations we added to our home. It is definitely more cozy. I've added the curtains my mom made since taking this picture.

#20. Start our remodeling
We didn't build a garage or turn our old garage into a family room. We didn't get the new siding yet. BUT if I actually showed you the before pic of the girls' room you would consider this a REMODEL! lol. I am exaggerating...kinda.

#21. Host a home product party in my home.
I want to do this in the spring of 2011.

#22. Host a crop in my schoolhouse.
I actually want to take this one step further and host it at our library. They have a large room that you can rent for only $10! I am thinking January...if we aren't snowed in half the month like last year!

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gigi said...

I think we change all the time and things we once wanted to do are not that important and we move on to bigger and better things. Just look forward and Happy Early Birthday!!