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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Results {Numbers 1-10}

So there are only 5 days til my 36th birthday! Time to see how I did with my "35 Things I Want To Do While I am 35" list. Did I complete all 35? No. Did I complete half? No. Does this bother me? No. Why? Because this was a list of little things in the back of my mind that I want to do. This list brought them to the front of my mind so I could complete a few...attempt a few...ignore a few...and decide I really don't even want to do a few. Here is how I did with the first 10!

#1. Visit Las Vegas
I did this one REAL good in March. If you missed this trip go click on the label {right column} Las Vegas and check out all the fun we had...lots of great pics. This photo is a silly moment in front of the Bellagio Fountains.

#2. Make homemade cards for my special people for all their special occasions.
Ok, I half way did this one, but I am not marking it completely off cause I missed a couple.

#3. Meet a bloggy buddy in real life.
When I put this on my list I really HOPED this would happen. I never DREAMED it would be the first one I marked off. I met Kado from Our Life in Perfect Cadence for lunch while she was visiting friends Thanksgiving week. I really miss Kado in blog world. I wish I knew why she hasn't been blogging for 6 months. She disappeared with no explanation.

#4. Get a mani/pedi
I blame Dr. Hubby for this not happening...him and his talk of Hep C. I still want to do this.

#5. Make a new close friend
I have made several friends through my weight loss group, but none that really qualify for what I was thinking when I made this list.

#6. Eat at DaVincis
It was always that restaurant you say you want to go to, but never make it. I enjoyed it, but have never been back since.

#7. Finish organizing and decorating the scrappy schoolhouse.
If you would see my schoolhouse right now you would run away screaming! I am a messy artist. BUT I am almost done with this one...I just need a man who has time to install a few things in the bathroom.

#8. Reach my goal weight.

#9. Read the whole Bible.
I am ashamed. I fell WAY short on this one.

#10. Have one of my parties featured on a party site.
I did not do the work to complete this one. Maybe one day...

Happy Wednesday!


Kristina P. said...

I hope Kado is OK!

Joanna said...

Bummer about your bloggy friend. I've had a lot of bloggers stop and you do miss them.

Sondra said...

Happy Birthday - almost to you. It's fun to see how you did on your list. I'm curious to see the rest. I finally figured out something fun to get you - maybe you will like it. I sent it off today, but they said it won't arrive until next Wed 24th- so it will be late (since you live in tim-buck-too -LOL!). Just know that I am thinking about you on your special day and you'll have to be patient!

I know about Kado.. I thought that maybe she went private and didn't invite me... Oh well.. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who misses her.

Cherie said...

When we went to our blogger meet at the cabin M-Cat, we talked about Kado because we all miss her, and M said that there has been some big stuff going on in her life which is why she is not blogging but she did not elaborate. She did say that she is fine.
As for your list, I think it is always good to try new things - I think they just go back on the list for next year, and the year after, etc...and someday you will get them all done!

Cherie said...

P.S. Is Dr. Hubby bummed about #32 - Ha ha!!

Debbie said...

I think you did very well. I'm struggling with the Bible part myself, right now.

tammy said...

Hey, at least you made a list. That's better than me!

M-Cat said...

Just atarting to catch up around here......

I like your approach about your list - very healthy.

And Kado is okay, just taking a break and being with her family. No worries for our girl!