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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finding A "Moment" Each Day

During the school year our evenings tend to be chaotic and rushed. I wanted to find a moment among the homework, dinner, playtime, crankiness, showers, etc. to connect with my littles. Manga Dork and I talk and watch tv together after they have been put to bed.

I decided to go to our library's webpage and request several books from the Scholastic book flyer. A couple days later I popped into the library and picked them up at the counter...it took maybe 5 minutes total.

The littles wrapped up in their blankets and got comfy. They love when I read to them.

I chose Thanksgiving themed books this time. Wild Child's favorite was "Run Turkey Run." Cutie preferred "Twas the Day After Thanksgiving." We ALL agreed that "Over The River: A Turkey's Tale" was our least favorite. The pictures were a little creepy.
Here are the books we read:
*Corduroy's Thanksgiving by Don Freeman {board book}
*Franklin's Thanksgiving by Paulette Bourgeois {Can't go wrong with Franklin}
*Twas the Day After Thanksgiving by Mavis Smith {A Lift the Flap book}
*Run, Turkey, Run by Diane Mayr
*Thank You Bear by Greg Foley {A very sweet story}
*Over the River: A Turkey's Tale by Derek Anderson {Creepy photos}
I highly suggest trying this with your little ones this busy holiday season. I am picking up 6 more books today.
Happy Reading!

How have you found that "moment" each day with your child(ren)?


just call me jo said...

The grandtwins are coming...the grandtwins are coming! I will go to the library NOW!! Thanks.

tammy said...

I love that time at night when I'm laying in bed with Connor and cuddling and talking. In fact, I think that's part of why Taylor doesn't want his own room. He likes sharing that time at night, too. I know one day they'll be too old, and I'll miss that.

Jackie said...

Reading time with my 4 year old is my favorite time of day with him. It's our special time right before he goes to sleep. My struggle is finding time with my 9 year old. He doesn't really want me to read to him. I'm going to get some Thanksgiving books from the library too...great idea.


Kristina P. said...

I remember the library days when I was kid. I couldn't check out enough books!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following and commenting. I'm glad I can be your vampire/celeb friend. :)

*gold star for you*

laterg8r said...

great book choices :D
i don't always find time every day but i try to :D

Dana and Daisy said...

what a great way to spend a few mommy moments each day! I bet they love it too!

thanks for your hugs and encouragement! Love, Dana

The Momster said...

We usually take a "few moments" throughout the day. For one thing, I drive my daughter to school every day - and we talk - and I pick her up in the afternoon - and we REALLY talk. We also have some quiet time at night when she goes to bed where I go in her room and we talk a little bit, then we say prayers and I tuck her in. The last thing we say as I'm closing her door to one another is "I love you"... it's the best way to end the day.

M-Cat said...

I live for my 'moments' on the weekends with Sissy

Julie Harward said...

This was always my favorite time with my kids...snuggling and a story after their evening baths..miss it! I love to read to my grands so much! :D

Garden of Egan said...

Those look like some fun books to read. Wish I still had some littles to read to.
I miss those days!

Cute littles too by the way!

Cherie said...

Reading before bed, snuggling and talking are always things I have done with my children.
When they get to be teenagers I like driving with them in the car. They are trapped with me (ha ha) and we get a chance to talk and listen to music - fun times.
Also, our family enjoys reading scriptures and having Family Prayer each evening :-D

gigi said...

I love reading to children, such a special time together. Such cute pictures of your little ones :)

Creative Mish said...

Reading is very important. I used to read to my kids a lot. And my Grandson loves to read (pretend) and be read to.. We did a alot of fun kid songs too. Music and singing was big with us. I play the piano and we'd sit around and sing silly songs. Especially Raffi