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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Results {Numbers 23-35}

#23. Date night once a month
We did this November -March...and during our March date Dr. Hubby acted like he was being forced to go. My feelings got hurt....{see #32}

#24. Girls night out once every 2 months.
This just did not happen.

#25. See the Christmas lights in Oglebay Park
They were beautiful!
#26. Host a kid's creative club
I put this on the list while my niece and nephew still lived on the farm...not much interest since they moved.
#27. Design a dream board
Each tag represented one of my 35 things. It is very cute in my schoolhouse.
#28. Start using reusable shopping bags.
I did this when my mom and I went Christmas shopping. I carry them in my car and forget to take them in the store. I WILL get this one done.
#29. Suprise someone with a gift
Sounds so simple...but I had something special in mind...not just an ordinary gift. I did not complete this one.
#30. Volunteer for something
I am still enjoying being Leader at TOPS.
#31. Meet someone famous
I should have taken the chance to meet retired baseball player Pete Rose while I was in Vegas. Maybe next year...
#32. Have sex every day for a week
If you can't manage to act excited for one date a month do you honestly expect me to concentrate on completing this?! heehee
#33. Do Book Of Me Challenges
This was a scrapbooking thing on SSS message board. The girl who posted the challenge decided to leave the board for some unknown reason.
#34. Host Sundaes on Mondays
Since my niece and nephew and their parents moved I kinda lost interest in this one too. My MIL and FIL act like they have to hike up Mt. Everest to come to my house. lol
#35. Have a family photo session
This WILL happen. I mentioned it to Dr. Hubby the other day. He suggested "You do good taking pictures. You could take them." Ummm...small problem there doc! I will be IN the photos.
This was a fun project and I am looking forward to making another list for the coming year! I love new beginnings. I have some things I REALLY want to work on...change is coming.
Happy Thursday! Beverly Hills Housewives TONITE!


Kristina P. said...

You are doing really well with your goals!

tammy said...

We just got our family pics done today.

Luvpilot sometimes acts like it's a chore to go out too. Mostly because he's traveling so much.

I really love that you have a schoolhouse.

Kaci said...


koralee said...

Great goals my friend....have a happy happy weekend. xoxoxo