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Friday, March 7, 2008


Boy has today been boring. I have all my housework done. All the laundry done. I am bored.

I was supposed to go to a cardmaking club tonight but thanks to a tiny winter storm that is in effect until 7 pm tomorrow I am staying home. So far all we have is rain...boo hoo! It better do something or I am going to be mad. Not really mad just bummed.

Today our 3 year old took the palm of her hand and dipped it into her mustard. She then used it like a rubber stamp to put spots up her arm. Did I freak out? Nope I was just impressed with her creativity. When I asked her about it she just sniffed it and said "It smells so good." She would live on mustard if possible.

Hope your Friday is turning out better than mine! Hubby is bringing home a movie so there is hope....

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