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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My current dream project

This is what I am currently working on. It is a one room schoolhouse on our farm. This will eventaully be my scrap room/ play room for the kids. It was all going to be scrap area, but then reality said that if there is no playroom then there will be no scrappin' getting done. It is in poor condition. I had to bleach all the inside walls and prime them with Kilz primer. It had been turned into an apartment when we bought the farm so there is a bedroom, bathroom, and living room/kitchen. I will share more pics later of the inside. Hopefully by summer the outside will be painted white with a new front steps. I would love to add a window planter under that window and a flower bed all along the front. Just wanted to share.

As for American Idol last night! WOW! So much better than the Lennon/McCartney weeks. They were BORING! I thought the 3 weakest performances were Ramiele Malubay, Chikezie, and Jason Castro. Micheal Johns and David Cook were UNBELIEVABLE. Brooke was not impressive, but I really hope she stays. I have given up on Kristy Lee Cook leaving so I just won't mention her. I am looking forward to seeing Kimberly Locke perform. Season 2 is still my favorite season.


scrappyhappy08 said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog!! That's a really cool schoolhouse you got on your property!! Look forward to seeing more of your work!!! God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment about my baby food jars :)

I, too, love this season of idol. This is only the second year we've watched it, but I like far more people than last year. I actually think Kristy Lee Cook is getting a little better each week. I agree w/ you about the weaker performances on Tuesday though. Last night I could not believe that Syesha was in the bottom 2. I was going to be upset if she had to leave.

Keym said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! It is awesome to get visitors. I love the school house, it has a bell and everything! I think it totally rocks!

noel joy said...

omg! that is the coolest thing ever. what a cool school house! i can't wait to see what you do with it. what an awesome place for a scrap room!

Kay said...

That is so amazing! Kudos to you for knowing the value of beautifu old buildings.