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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally! We are getting better!

Thank goodness I woke up this morning feeling lots better. Both kids went to school and the babies are better too! No one has a fever. This is the first day since last Thursday!

Today was a very bland day. I got all my housework done. I like keeping it up but then I tend to get bored when it is all done.

I had a "binge" today that I think was probably PMS induced. At 2:00 I ate 2 Russell Stover truffles, a caramel Ghiradelli, 4 slices of light bread, 15 chocolate Quakes, and a cup of hot chocolate. Can you see the trend?

Our 3 year old was helping me use the pumice stone on my feet today. When I hit 30 pounds lost I am going to get a pedicure so I have been taking better care of my "flintstone feet." She was using the pumice stone on the top of my big toe when she pointed out that I had hair on it "just like Daddy's."

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