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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Naked Man Bathroom

This is an actual conversation I had with Wild Child in Fusion (Hibachi restaurant).

Scrappy: Come on Wild Child...it's this door.

Wild Child: (looks up at sign above door she is pushing on) No, this one.

Scrappy: No, this one is for girls...see the dress (outlines with her finger)

Wild Child: (looks up at sign above door she is pushing on again) No, I want to use the naked man bathroom!


Something Marvellous said...

LOL - kids say the funniest things!

Lisa Loo said...

I LOVE IT!! I will think of that everytime I see one now!

Mother Goose said...

Oh my word!!! you have a daughter just like me!!! I wanna use the naked man bathroom too!!! NOT!!! LOL

well, unless you know there are beautiful naked men in there

but then again, Naked men in general are not beautiful!!! EEEk on that note... I shall leave!!

I have missed you, and so glad I am back to commenting!

DesertHen said...

That is so cute! I won't be able to look at a sign like that now without thinking about the "naked man bathroom."

Happy April 1st!

tammy said...

Oh that made me laugh!!

whoopsadasie said...

That right there is PRICELESS! I shall never look at that sign the same way ever again!?! LOL!

merrianne said...

ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mechelle said...

I would keep an eye on her. Maybe two. JK LOL m