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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Is One Party You Should Be Glad You Didn't Attend!

As I was driving to town today something flew onto the hood of my car and scared me to death! What was it? One of the duck soaps from the girls' bathroom! It is flat and oval shaped. Wild Child had taken it to preschool on "oval day." I guess she stuck it in the grill of my Escalade. LOL!

I was unable to shake my gloominess today. I had myself one great big huge gigantic humongous giant monstrous enormous PITY PARTY! I let my FIL steal my whole day. That ticks me off. Dr. Hubby said he would talk to him about how he keeps putting me down. Manga Dork said FIL was hateful all evening and that he actually threw binoculars and broke them. Hmmm...

I did find 2 really cute horse shirts for the little ones. I won't show them now since you will be bombarded with pictures from the party in a couple of days! Cause you know I only like to post one picture per event...NOT! More like 10!

Happy Wednesday!


Sondra said...

Yeah for Dr. Hubby!! I hope he can do something to make an inpact on the parents. Such a hard thing to deal with.

I wonder why FIL is being so hateful and distructive. Kinda scary.

I can't wait to see the B-day party pictures.

whoopsadasie said...

I hope Dr. Hubby does have a good heart to heart talk with the both of them...and give them some common sense while he is at it!

I can't wait to see your fabulous pictures of the party!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

the soap-I would have wrecked the car if that happened to me! TOO funny!

What a gem of a guy to talk to FIL. I'm so sorry you have to constantly deal with that mess!

You are loved here. No putting you down from me!

Sorry it was a rough day-but sounds like it got better!

Mother Goose said...

oh so sorry a gloom day and a big pity party! sometimes we need those pity parties for ourselves so we can get up and dust ourselves off!

So lucky you have an understanding husband who loves and supports you.