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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Self Esteem? What Is That? Self Confidence? Huh?

Don't ya just love a good spork icon?! LOL!

I am going to go do some retail therapy today...my mission...horse themed clothing for Wild Child's bday party!

I am going alone.
I was already a little insecure about not being able to think of one person that could spend the day with me.

I took the 2 little ones to my MIL & FIL.
As I was leaving FIL says, "You going by yourself?"
I laugh and say "Yeah...I have no friends,"
He says, "You know...there is a reason for that."
My heart drops to my toes and I respond with humor, "Yeah cause we live in the middle of no where."
He laughs and says, "No...THAT'S not it."
I turn away and say, "Gee...thanks."
He laughs as I walk away.



Jan the crazy lady said...

Giddy up and gallop away. That is going to be so much fun to horse around and be all crazy. Bridle your feelings. Saddle up and yee haw.

The Momster said...

Oh sweetness...things'll get better. Go find a coffee and breath deep in your freedom while shopping :)

We have a joke around here...not sure where it came from. But I'm the spoon, hubby is the fork and the Bug is the Spork. We are crazily dangerous in our originally,yes?

Hope you have luck finding what you seek! Giddy up - hee haw!

DesertHen said...

Hey, I would come shop with you...I hate to shop, but I think shopping with you would be so much fun!!! =) Enjoy your time alone....do what you WANT to do and phooie on the rest!

And for the record FIL's comment was Rude!

The Blonde Duck said...

AWWW! How mean!

Bobbi Jo said...

Oh man my dear Scrappy Girlfriend if we lived closer we would hang out and people would fear our laughter and giggles. If it weren't for my oldest daughter I would go places by myself all the time during the day. I have friends but it is not like I hear about other women's friends. Do you know what I mean. I've never had the girlfriend after I go married that goes with me shopping and things like that. Keep your spirit up. Hugs,Bobbi Jo

Anonymous said...

UHhhh.. how Rude! :o
you DO have friends... we jsut don't live close enough to go with you to your Retail Therapy sessions :)

Sondra said...

It totally amazes me that they continue to be soooo cruel. I just don't understand what they are trying to gain by putting you down (to their son's wife... and in front of little listening ears).

Seriously... they don't behave like someone I would EVEN want to be around. Who wants to be around people who constantly make you feel bad? My heart just breaks that you are in this situation. That you try so hard and they come back with such mean remarks.

Tooo bad you live out in the boonies.... good thing for the internet to help build your self esteem back up after that! I love technology.

Remember we are here to cheer you up... just a click away. {{{Hugs}}}

wonder woman said...

I would SO get some retail therapy with you if I lived close enough!! I don't have a whole lot of people I'd go shopping with either. Of course, I actually enjoy shopping alone because it means no screaming children with me!!

I'm sorry your FIL was so rude to you. I can't imagine how frustrating and heart-breaking that is, coming from the father of the man you love. If he ever brings something like that up again, you tell him you have PLENTY of people who think you're sweet and talented and funny and LOVE to be your friend.

So there!

Mechelle said...

Ok so here it the truth...

Alone is a great place to be! m

Mechelle said...

You have lots of friends that you can enjoy. But sometimes it is good to be just by yourself. I spend almost all my shopping time alone. Not because I don't have friends but because it is a good time to think and regroup.

What do you think?

Dana and Daisy said...

oh girl! I know that hurt.

Man talk about kicking them when they're down. Obviously you were already feeling a little blue about going alone or you wouldn't have responded because you had no friends. I think what he said is really uncaring, even if there was any ounce of well meaning, which I don't think there could have been.

He sounds very insensitive. I'm glad your hubby talked to him, and that he apologized that was just down right mean.

I know how you feel, as the non-blood relative in this rodeo, I often feel that others are unkind and cruel to me, too. It's a weird dynamic and I think you might be facing it too. Bless your heart!

whoopsadasie said...

Scrappy, we though we don't live close...you do have friends...AND LOTS of them. WE would all go with you anywhere you wanted to go!

I am soo sorry that happened to you. (((hugs)))

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Does he have any eyes left after you've sporked him? LOL!

Too bad I wasn't there-YOU would NOT be alone shopping. I don't like to go alone either!

He's just jealous because you didn't invite him to go along too! LOL

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Oh, next time you're out shopping-how about a bottle of midol for him? LOL!! I hear it does wonders for those outburts!

Lisa Loo said...


Mother Goose said...

This ONLY hurts you because you were already sensitive to it!

BUT seriously, I never like to shop with PEOPLE or women! I never shop with people when I am buying clothes or shoes for myself. I trust my opinion.

When I am birthday shopping or shopping for a party. I have a thought in my head and a vision and I only want my opinion. Maybe, I am odd, but I like doing it that way. See, I can't stay firm to my own opinion when shopping with another. I let their opinions sway me. and then I am unhappy with a purchase.


that's not the issue! One NEVER ever put yourself down in front of your in laws!!!

Especially, since they take such joy in jumping on that bandwagon.

TWO- Prepare yourself for loaded questions!

That "You going by yourself" is a loaded question.

Come back, Of course, I choose to. I have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time.

It wasn't the time but at another time, you should ask your fil what he thinks the reason is. It would be good to know,

but first you have to deal with your raw emotions on why this hurt so much and then you will be able to handle the answers that he gives calmly and directly.