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Friday, March 6, 2009

We started our day on the PARTY BUS!

THe driver dropped us off at the Capitol Building and Dr. Hubby wanted to see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial...at the opposite end of the National Mall! This is the Sculpture Garden entrance and the brick building is the Smithsonian Castle.

The Washington Monument is very tall and very white...not even close to as exciting as the Statue of Liberty was when we visited NYC though. Due to Dr. Hubby's schedule we did not attempt to go inside due to Dr. Hubby's limited time.
The World War II Memorial sits between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.
Each one of the pillars represent a state...my paternal grandfather was a soldier in WWII. I look forward to showing him the photos.

This is a photo I took standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in the spot where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech. I was surprised to see the reflecting pool was drained! It's not very deep at all!
Our family photo with the Lincoln Memorial...Dr. Hubby had to leave and go back to learning at the ACOFP conference. BooHoo...

The Vietnam War Memorial was a very emotional place. All those names! A vet was there answering questions. We saw him greet 2 other vietnam vets...they weren't the only ones with tears in their eyes. My dad is a Vietnam Veteran.

The National Christmas Tree

I was excited to see the White House...however I was not overly impressed. I really thought it was alot BIGGER!

The National Treasury

We toured the Petersen House where they took President Lincoln after he was shot.

This is the bedroom where Lincoln died 9 hours after he was shot. The bed was in the corner to the right...it was not the same bed...the real bed is in a museum in another state.

After the fun we had in NYC's Chinatown I was excited to see DC's version. They are not alike at all....nothing but chinese restaurants and maybe 3 shops. Shoot! I wanted a Faux Louis Vuitton wallet to go with my purse.

MIL wanted to get the grandkids tshirts. The McCain shirts were on sale...this cracked me up!

After our shopping trip in ChinaTown we went back and toured Ford's Theatre. This is the balcony where Lincoln was shot.

I had read an article saying Obama's prescence could be felt all over DC...I now know why! His face and/or name is on everything from earrings to candy bars!
We caught the bus at 5PM and headed back to the Gaylord National.
Manga Dork almost flipped off the bed last night when Anoop was lucky #13 in American Idols Top 13!
This Post is Dedicated
to the memory of
Scrappy's Feet
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Cherie said...

First!!!! Cause being first is cool and stuff!!!! ha ha

Cherie said...

Your poor feet! I hope you have some comfy shoes now :D

I didn't know they drained the pool - It looks so wintery - I see snow on the ground at the WWII Memorial. Bbbrrrrr

You saw a ton of cool places - Love all your pictures. Your picture of the Washington Monument rocks!

P.S. The party bus!! Ha Ha I can't stop laughing - Glad you got a picture - Too funny!!!!!

P.P.S. Hope you make it to the Holocaust Museum and Arlington for the changing of the Guard - It is SO reverent. A truly neat thing to observe - the ritual and the respect.

Dana and Daisy said...

Oh My Gosh, fun fun fun! I forgot you like Mary englebriet, and you love scrapbooking. I have a kit someone gave me with stickers, paper etc and I would gladly pass on to you if you would like it. email me your digits and it is yours!

Mechelle said...

That was a good price on the McCain t shirts. How many did you get?

Looking at these photos gave me goosebumps. I love our nations capital. m

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

It looks like they got the Playhouse remodel done. It looks fantastic. Isn't that room where he died just like thick with feelings? I thought so. I love this so much. And didn't you think the White House was different looking? They always show the one side and not the other.

Scrappy Girl said...

The whole house where Lincoln died was filled with feelings...it was like a quietness came over you and you were going in slow motion a little! It was fascinating to see.

Sondra said...

Amazing tour of your trip! I loved every picture you posted. You've been to some amazing places!

You should have grabbed a McCain shirt and did a give away on your blog - I think that would have been a fun thing to win - especially since it won't be too long before everyone will be bummed that Obama won and the country is destroyed. (Sorry to be a little negative there - LOL).

You totally cracked me up with the dedication.... your poor feet have been through TOO MUCH in your life time... You really need to take better care of those poor things ;). Take care!

Pancake said...

You are having a great time! You should go back when the cherry blossums are in bloom!!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha

i bet your feet WERE so tired after all that! but you are making me want to take a Vacation now!!! and see all those things you saw!

i love all the pictures :p

esp...the McCain t-shirts!!!

Da Bergs said...

Love the party bus!!! Thanks for posting all the great pics!

wonder woman said...

It's so fun to see al these pics. So much history.....I'd love to go there someday. Love your dedication. :o) It looks 3D on my compuer for some reason!

I'm happy with the top 13. Cracked up at Tatiana.....but who didn't?! This doesn't seem as exciting as last year....I hope it pics up.

p.s. LOVE Manga Dork's headband and outfit! Way to go!

Lisa Loo said...

Oh Scrappy--I am so sorry about your feet--but what a lucky girl you are--I have always wanted to go there. Love all the pics!

whoopsadasie said...

Those are amazing photos!

So how much Obama stuff did you get!? ;-)

Your poor feet...you need to shoot them and put them out of their misery?! LOL!

Creative Mish said...

That is awesome that you're able to visit and travel so much! I would love to head East and visit.

DesertHen said...

Great tour! I'm so loving all of your photos!!

Sorry about your feet...=( (((HUGS))))

DesertHen said...

Great tour! I'm so loving all of your photos!!

Sorry about your feet...=( (((HUGS))))

Marchelle said...

great pics - thanks for the tour! i have a friend that lives there and one of these days i'll go visit her and tour the place myself! i love history so that is all very interesting to me!

i am cracking up at your feet dedication though! LOL

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

WOW! I loved this whole post! I've been to a lot of those same places in my lifetime! It was great to see recent pictures!
Your poor feet! LOL!