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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top Ten Randomosities

1. This layout won the AMR scraplift challenge this week...two wins in one week...I am a lucky girl.

2. FIL called yesterday and apologized.

3. Wild Child's party is tonite...all the horse themed decorations have not arrived yet...PLEASE Mr. Fed Ex man stop here today!

4. I am in love with this layout...AMR's color challenge for next week is to use red/white/blue on an everyday layout (No 4th of July). This is Manga Dork and I in 1997...notice my shoulder length hair!

5. These paper flowers are so fun and easy to make! I used rub-ons too...not a big fan of those but Stampin' Up gave me some for free last year.
6. It was sad to see Michael Sarver leave AI last night...he sure sang his song better than he did the first night. He seems like such a great guy...his smile is so bright!
7. My mom is coming here today. We will be driving to Columbus Ohio for the Scrapbook Expo...with a small stop at Archivers! My checkbook better start flexing it's muscles now...heehee!
8. I am addicted to reading Stephenie Nielson's (NieNie) blog...she is a beautiful soul...I am sure those that know her feel blessed...reading about her is truly inspirational.
9. I hired a housekeeper...she started yesterday...I can already feel the stress lifting. Now maybe I can take over the bill paying from my husband who is swamped with paperwork.
10. I miss traveling...I got used to packing for something every 2 weeks...now it is down to once a month...April (Amish Country with mom and my aunt...May (Family trip to NC to see Lil Sis)...August (NC to Lil Sis's with mom and Manga Dork). Hmmm...need to fill in June and July!


Anonymous said...

You did such a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was sad to see Michael leave last night, too.... he seems like a truly sweet guy!!!!

Mechelle said...

You are so creative. Your layouts are wonderful.

Mechelle said...

BTW cute photos! You are so pretty. m

coreymom40 said...


They are so pretty.
I love the detail in them.

I'm glad FIL called you, I'm sure that took away a little stress there.

I have been reading on "NieNie" also.
Her story keeps things in perspetive.

richies said...

My wife has been at a scrapfest in Mandeville, Louisiana the last two days. When I call her she is just to busy to talk. She is having a great time.

An Arkies Musings

Marilyn said...

I am very happy for you for winning so many of the AMR challenges! I can NOT figure out why I hardly ever win!! I don't think Jessica or Harley like me, personally! Oh well.

GRRRRR, I still haven't watched AI for this week-it's still sitting in my DVR, and I saw a name in this post (I should have remembered you would share that info). Oh well, I will still watch it tomorrow (today now).

Needing somewhere to go this summer???? I know where you can go on a wonderful, beautiful, scenic trip!! It won't be too hot, or too cold, it should be perfect! If you come in June, you can be part of our Rose Festival!! OH, the roses are so beautiful!! THe beach is only a couple hours away, and our beaches are very pretty, lots of scenery!! LOL

Oh yeah, I finished the SCH ATC, and it is being mailed today!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana and Daisy said...

Steve has been telling me to call a housekepper service, but I am certain I'd have to clean before they could come in and do their thing.

Okay I missed the FIL think, so i have to scroll, and you look gorgeous in that longer hair!

whoopsadasie said...

So glad to hear that FIL did appologize. Where in NC are you going? Remember the diva and I both live in NC!
I have been following NieNie for months now. She is truly an inspiration!!
As housekeeper! My dream!

Cherie said...

So glad FIL apologized - that must be a great feeling.

I too was so sad about Michael leaving AI - I have loved him from the beginning.

Have fun on your trip. Archivers rocks you will have to let us know how much money you drop there and what you get so we can all drool!

DesertHen said...

Congrats! on another win! Your layouts are wonderful!! I love the one of you and Manga Dork...=) Glad to hear that FIL appologized to you.

Good for you on getting a housekeeper. You will enjoy....=)

I hope the party went well and all of the decorations arrived on time.


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

WOW, some great news in this list!

How neat a housekeeper! What a dream!

I love your layouts-as always!

Lisa Loo said...

Congrats and beautiful layouts! AND I am so envious of your house keeper--I hope it can lift a lot of stress for you!