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Monday, March 2, 2009


On our way to DC we had to drive through Maryland. This was my first time in Maryland and of course I had to stop to take a picture (and go to the potty!). It was 15 degrees and windy at the rest stop. Then a few miles down the road it was 30 degrees. Dr. Hubby says I chose the coldest point of the whole trip to take a pee break...always a critic!

I know this pic is blurry...I don't know what I did. The bellman brought our bags to our room for us. Here he came pushing this cart FULL of bags...I mean loaded down...so of course we had to mess with his mind...we told him, "Those aren't our bags." HeeHee! Then he got us back by saying, "Are you all moving in?!" HaHa Mr. Bellman...very clever.

Our room is gorgeous...very presidential and all that stuff. Our balcony overlooks the atrium filled with gardens and restaurants. I will take a pic of the view from our balcony tomorrow...too dark tonite.

Happy Monday!


Mechelle said...

My goodness. What a life you lead. I am a little jealous, but mostly happy for you. m

McEwens said...

Let the shopping and the touring begin!

whoopsadasie said...

I am in one of those suitcases...LET ME OUT! ;-)

You are one lucky gal to have such wonderful shopping experiences!!

Sondra said...

Of course I'd be moving in to that wonderful hotel.. Who wouldn't. I pack like that too - You just never know what you need...

I hope you have a wonderful time!

Oh BTW - LOVED the B-day card you sent. SOOOOOOooooo cute!! I loved the Hippo's tail. You are soooo good. I'm gonna have to blog about that today. Thanks for think of me and taking time to make me that beautiful card - you are awesome!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful! The only part of Maryland I've ever seen is the view from DC to the Baltimore Airport.

Hope you have a fantastic time!

Jingle said...

What a great room! Have fun!!!

Tink said...

Oh my, check out all that luggage! How did you ever fit it into your car! Or was it a limo? Any-who, have fun on your trip. Maryland, Virginia, DC, PA are some of my fave places to visit! It's beautiful. Have fun on your trip.

Cherie said...

Don't forget to jump on the bed!

Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! you pack like i do!!!! :)


that room is awesome! ;0

DesertHen said...

I would move in to that room! Lovely!!

Too funny on the stopping to pee in 15 degree weather. I stopped to pee in a blizzard one time on the way home...when you gotta go, you gotta go!!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

WOW, you travel like me!

I love that bedroom!

Where was it?