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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Did I Really Expect Him To Notice?

Yesterday I told Dr. Hubby on the phone that my goal for the day was to completely clean the house AND get ALL my laundry done. He replied, "In one day?!"

During the weekend I worked on the laundry and he commented, "It feels like you have been doing the same thing all day." Hmmm...

I knew that my goal was a big one, but I was determined. Monday's cleanup is always harder because our home looks like we had a party while our parents were away. LOL!

Well, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned...I folded and hung laundry all day long. At the end of the day our home looked wonderful. I got all the laundry was all done except for a couple pieces that had to washed seperately. I lit the candles, put the little ones to bed, took a shower, and sat down at the computer to do some New Orleans planning.

Dr. Hubby came through the door and said, "What is that smell?" Manga Dork started in with how terrible her day had been. Dr. Hubby said, "It smells like a wet cat in here!" I had some issues with a smelly mop.

That is all that was said about the house.

Well, I felt like this. My legs and feet were aching. Dr. Hubby did rub my legs when I asked. I think I am going to do NOTHING all day today. That way I am sure he will notice what I did!

Why do we always notice the negatives more than the positives?
Today go out of your way to compliment a job well done.


One Cluttered Brain said...


Housework is a BIG Job! no matter what anyone tells me I think it burns calories too. Look how many calories you burned, mopping floor, vaccumming, up and down the stairs to put clothes away. :) Good job!

laterg8r said...

men - sheesh - housework is a thankless never ending job, sucks doesn't it! LOL :D

Kristina P. said...

If you come to my house and clean and put away laundry, I will give you a treat! It might rhyme with Huggie.

Cherie said...

Ha Ha Kristina is funny!

I did this same thing on Saturday. My goals were to clean the house top to bottom, do all the laundry, and get the grocery shopping done. I did it!
BUT, then by 2 days later it is messy again, there is more laundry and dang these kids they eat all the food - ha ha!
I think they appreciate it but it is not always voiced.
Good job and darling picture of Cutie!

tammy said...

Figures huh?

I was so proud of my clean house yesterday too and told Luvpilot all about it. Of course, by the time he got home at 9:30, the boys had been home for 6 hours and you couldn't tell that it had once been spotless.


kado! said...

lol..Kristina is soooo funny!

I did the same thing yesterday...but i make sure tell him all I've done all day...so he has to be impressed....plus I throw some food in the oven before he walks in the door...so the smell makes him not think clearly...the way to a mans heart is thru is stomach...right!?

ps...I think you did a GREAT job!...now come on over so I can rub your legs! ;)

The Blonde Duck said...

I feel your pain!

And that cartoon cracks me up!

Mrs. Cullen said...

LOL! I love the comic

DV-Becca said...

Too true- Men, pah! After leaving My hubby alone with the kids enough times and telling him I want the house clean when I get back... and it never happens, I think he is catching on :)

Our little ones together! HA! There wouldn't be a house left :)
Thanks, Scrappy. You so Rock!

Sue said...

It seems they only notice when things don't get done.

Good job on getting your house clean. You did it for you anyway right?

wonder woman said...

That vintage poster at the top is PERFECT. I honestly might lift it for my sidebar!

I was JUST thinking about all this. Superman and I were talking about the differences in our "jobs" this morning. I thought I had done a pretty good job tidying and cleaning yesterday, but I should probably work a little harder today if I want to impress.

Which unfortunately means getting my behind off this chair.

Sondra said...

I've been in a major cleaning mode lately... it's the swine flu and it makes me even more of a cleaning freak then usual.

Totally love the cartoon.. it's perfect!

I always wonder if my children appreciate all the hard work and luxeries they enjoy because I am a cleaning freaking mother. Maybe Jason does (don't know)... but it may take a few years for Brady to truly appreciate all that I do for him until after he leaves home. It's just a mom/wife job - nobody really notices or cares unless it isn't done. I never measured up when I was a wife... now I always measure up just for me *wink.

You know me... I clean house all day long and never get to enjoy the oooohs and aaaaaahs when my clients get home to a sparkling clean house. (but I do know they love it). :-D

Unknown Mami said...

A thankless job. If I lived with you I would have noticed and thanked you. No one ever notices what I do, they only notice what I don't do. Ugh!

Kaci said...

WOWWWWWWWW! Will you come to my house? Pretty please!

Pam said...

They never notice if you've done the work!

Kim said...

Oh yes! I do love this post. I think it hit home for a lot of women. That's the way it goes around here too. I was thinking of stealing your wishing well picture also.

OceanDreams said...

Goooood job, I am proud of you. I know sometimes the guys only like to point out what you haven't done. Hello? I just did ALL of this for you!!

Hit 40 said...

He would have been more excited if you greeted him in heels and a trench coat!!!