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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Bee Sting and a BFF

When Nan returned Wild Child she looked like this. My poor baby! Bees are so bad around here this year. My kids have been stung several times each. I hate bee stings! This morning Wild Child woke up with her eye completely swollen together and she said, "It don't work!" She was a little freaked out.

My BFF Ruth is visiting me for 9 days! This is the first time she has been here this year. We don't get to see each other often and she doesn't have a computer, BUT we can burn up the phone lines.

Ruth is 18 years older than me. She used to be my babysitter!

I love her alot! We like to act silly and laugh. She is one friend I can always count on to be there for me. She also tells me how it is. I love that about her.

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

youre POOR little girl!! OUCH!!!! THOSE BAD BAD BEES!!!

and isn't it FUN to have your BFF visiting??? that is awesome that she used to babysit you!!!

The Momster said...

Ouch with the stings - yikes!

Isn't it great to have those 'tell it like it is' people in your life? I hope you two have a BLAST! Can't wait to read all about it :)

Redhoodoos said...

She's too cute to get stung by a bee! She has the cutest little face.

BFF's are the best. Have fun!

COMcewens said...

BFF ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great time! The phone is better than the computer anyway!!!

Jan said...

How fun are you two. Alot of fun it looks like. Bff are the best. Silliness lives on.

Sorry about the bee thing. That is not a honey story.

Mother Goose said...

oh my children and myself are terribly allergic to those buggers. I love having a BFF like that, this post makes me miss mine terribly. I am so glad she got to visit you and you have enjoyed your time together.

Working Mom said...

poor little wild child! that looks like it hurts!

enjoy your visit with your BFF!

Frumpy Luv said...

Poor thing - that looks painful!

Friends are so awesome - I have friends of all ages, much older, and younger and I don't think it matters much - it's more about relating than age. Glad you got to get together!

Michelle said...

I hardly every see bee's but this spring I had a ton of them in one of my front flowering shrubs!! Have fun with your BFF!!