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Saturday, August 9, 2008

POST #101...

Yesterday's post was my 100th post! Wow! So in honor of 100 posts here is the last 50 of the "100 Things About Me." If you missed the first 50 you can find them here. Enjoy!

51. My grandparents introduced Dr. Hubby and I at their church.

52. I worked at Petland as a Pet Counselor for 6 months in 1995.

53. I once went 5 days without brushing my hair.

54. I had asthma as a child.

55. Our preacher started crying during our wedding ceremony.

56. The above picture is the space between my fridge and pantry. I CANNOT keep this space clean!

57. My Lil Sis installs closets...really cool expensive closets.

58. I hate cats.

59. I love Pauly Shore movies.

60. I love the Christmas season from the day after Turkey Day to Christmas Day!

61. I go shopping on Black Friday (Day after Turkey Day). Last year I sat on top of two trampline boxes to keep people from taking them.

62. My kid's middle names are the seasons...Spring, Summer, and Autumn!

63. Our first pet after getting married was a Mini Schnauzer named Daustin Anastas Rochester. We called him Rocky.

64. BFF Ruth says I am very "considerate."

65. As a teen I had a Yorkshire Terrier named Izzy Bee. On Days of Our Lives, John Black called his wife Isabella this as a nickname. I was a huge fan.

66. I secretly think my mutt, Annie Louise, is the smartest animal on the farm AND the cutest!

67. Before I was adopted my name was Kelly Jo.

68. For several years I ate SpaghettiOs for breakfast every morning.

69. I am only 5'1" tall.

70. I am ashamed of my living room carpet.

71. I love my Cadillac Escalade. I hope it "lives" forever.

72. We had a cockatoo while Dr. Hubby was in med school. I hated him.

73. I had "in school" suspension for skipping class during my senior year.

74. I LOVE the Typhoon shrimp at Ruby Tuesday.

75. I dream of finding my birthmom one day.

76. Manga Dork and I love to watch marathons of the Gilmore Girls. Our relationship is alot like Lorelai and Rory's.

77. I only had detention one time in school...during my senior year.

78. We once had to use "food stamps" during a very hard time.

79. If our house was on fire and my family was all safe, I would save my scrapbook albums and photos.

80. Manga Dork and I are so similar it is SCARY!

81. I like to roll down the windows, open the sunroof, and play my music REALLY loud.

82. When something bad happens we eat chinese...it is our tub of ice cream.

83. I didn't attend my 10 year class reunion because of my weight.

84. I want to travel to Hawaii. I want to see a volcano.

85. I would love to have one of my creations published in a scrapbooking magazine.

86. I enjoyed decorating Foster Son's "boy" room.

87. I would love to do one of those sky diving similators with the big fan that blows you in the air.

88. I check my blog CONSTANTLY!

89. I miss "my side" of the family.

90. I was a sales associate at Sears in the Men's Dept.

91. We honeymooned in Gatlinburg, TN.

92. I get car sick easily. I am one of those annoying people who have to ride in the front seat all the time.

93. I do a 7x7 scrapbook album for each kid's birthday. It is the story of their year.

94. We have a horse that looks like a Dalmation dog.

95. I start my day blogging.

96. I own the entire Twilight series, but I have only read the first couple pages of the first book. Manga Dork is finishing Book #3.

97. Ironing is my least favorite household chore.

98. I can't sing AT ALL!

99. I would like to sell Stampin Up or Close to My Heart when I get the schoolhouse done.

100. I really thank you all for reading my blogs, letting me read yours, and commenting on my daily life! Blogging has been a blessing.

Here's to 100 more....


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Jan said...

We probably shouldn't drive in the car together. I like the music loud too. We would be pulled over for sure. I hope you keep on posting.

Manga Dork said...

The last three books are mine!
Can not wait till the boy room goes pink!

The Momster said...

If you go back to Gatlinburg, try their indoor skydive simulation place - it looks cool but I am afraid of heights! LOL

Great post - wonderful 100! Congrats!!

kitchenditcher said...

I loved reading the 100 things! I'm far from it but will remember this when I am there! And I have done one of those flight simulators in Las Vegas and it was a blast! I highly recommend it!

Marilyn said...

Congrats on the 100 posts! I am slowly working up to mine! It is so neat to read more about you, thanks for sharing with us!!

Michelle said...

What a great idea! Its fun getting to know other bloggers!

I see you already noticed you received an award from me today :)

Working Mom said...

woo-hoo!!! thanks for sharing 50 more! we are similar in a lot of ways girlfriend! i did 50 on my 50th post, so think i'll do 50 more on my 100 too! see how inspirational you are?

COMcewens said...

Happy blogging versary. I love reading these things about you. Interesting that you are searching or want to meet your birthmom. Have you started?

Mother Goose said...

i love it! WOOHOO! keep them coming. I searched out my birth father. kinda sorta, but anyway I met him and am glad I did!