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Friday, August 1, 2008

What's the Matter with Mama? and another "What in the World is That?"

Since no one got the last "What in the World Is That?" I thought I would post another one. This one was inspired by Sebastian the Yellow Lab. He brought this yucky bone into my yard yesterday. The first person to post what animal it is from will get a handmade card with some "vintage" Creative Memories goodies tucked inside. I will stop the guessing as soon as someone gets it or I will reveal the answer tomorrow morning at 9 AM eastern time.

My Mom and SIL left around noon today. The cool thing is they took Manga Dork, Cutie Patootie, and Wild Child with them! They are coming back home Monday with SIL. I can't believe I only have Foster Son for 72 hours! What to do!? What to do?!

Nan taught Wild Child to wash dishes. Notice her panties...she only had ONE accident yesterday. We are making progress!

I found this poem in my scrappin' stuff today and thought I would share.

"What's the Matter With Mama?" by Patsy Gaut

I wonder what's wrong with mama?

She seems a bit depressed...

It's nearly time for lunch

And she isn't even dressed.

I used her lipstick on the mirror

Not know it would spoil it...

I accidentally cut my hair

And put the kitty in the toilet.

What the matter with mama?

She seems a bit on edge

It's the middle of the afternoon

And she wants to go to bed.

Well I thought she'd like my art

With crayons on the wall...

Until those darned ol' marbles

Made her slip and fall.

I wonder what's wrong with mama?

She's pulling out her hair...

She's making funny noises

And she's talking to the chair.

My dad says I'm a handful...

The neighbors say I'm wild

But ask my mom and she will say

I AM the Perfect Child!



Sandy/tx-nana-scraps said...

I just wanted to welcome you to allmomentsremembered.com (AMR) and hope to see you there lots!!!
The bone...is it from a cow/calf?

Jan said...

That cow bone is gross. But we all have bones I guess. Just not in sight.

Great poem. Really is the truth. Great to see the teaching of the wild child. Great job.

Have a great weekend Scrappy.

Terri said...

Hey there-
I have no idea what that is but just wanted to let you know that I received my scrapping goodies and they were great! Thanks so much. We've been busy with the move and vacation. Hope to catch up blogging soon.

Scrappy Girl said...

It is not a cow bone! Come on....that would have been too easy! LOL!

Mechelle said...

All right, I will give it a try. How about a Llama? Love the poem. So true. In fact I think I need to go to bed. m

Scrappy Girl said...

Not a llama.

Marilyn said...


Scrappy Girl said...

YAY!!! We have a winner! Yes, Marilyn it is a horse! Unfortunately. I will tell the story in my next post. Send your addy to my email addy. I sent it to you in a pm on amr.

Marilyn said...

Thank you Scrappy Girl! I will patiently await the story. As much as I know I don't want to find out what happened, curiousity is getting the better of me! lol I sent you my address.