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Friday, August 22, 2008

County Fair

Last night we went to our county fair. The kids ALL love when the fair comes to town. The rides were ok...better than alot I have seen. It was so hot that we waited til 8PM to go. It was alot cooler, but it made it hard to take photos with my camera (Hint Hint). Manga Dork met up with her friends so I have no photos of her. She had a blast though!

After the rides we took Wild Child and Cutie Patootie over to the animal barns. Wild Child loved petting the bunnies. She also got her a handful of the shavings and poo underneath! Yuck!

The highlight of the barns was definitely the corn box. Like a sandbox...only with dry corn. My kids would have played for hours. Last year when we went home from the fair, I found a kernel of corn in Cutie Patootie's diaper. Of course....it's in the scrapbook! LOL!

Cutie was fine until something caught her eye,"shickens...ewwww." She is not crazy about the chickens.

Ooh...who is that cute cowboy playing in the corn box...I'd like to take him home...AND I DID! LOL! I love it when Dr. Hubby puts on his hat and boots....I like chaps too.



Mechelle said...

So where is the photo of the Chaps?! Just kidding. Your kids are so cute. Love the fair. Ours is not until late next month. THanks for letting me enjoy yours. M

Jan said...

How cute about your husband by the corn. Looks like a fun county fair. Mattie went all day yesterday to ours. Love the bunnies and the corn idea is fantastic. Cute kids and clean good fun.

McEwens said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!!

Frumpy Luv said...

That corn box looks like a lot of fun - glad you got to take your crush home!

Michelle said...

Our State Fair has been here all week. I haven't gone this year. I used to go every year when my kids were younger. I always loved the livestock and of course there is nothing better than Fair Food!!