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Monday, August 18, 2008

NC Day #3 through #5

On Saturday (Day #3) Manga Dork and I split up from my Mom and Lil Sis. They went to fabric stores and we headed for the beach. First we stopped at the mall and bought Manga Dork some Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms. Second stop was Borders to see if they had the first 2 Twilight books in hard back. They did! Then it was off to eat. We chose Applebees. Now for the drama...

As I was eating I felt something hit the roof of my mouth. I can not get a better photo because of my stupid old camera (hint hint Dr. Hubby). This is a photo of a piece of metal (next to a pack of gum to show the size) that I put into my mouth and ALMOST SWALLOWED! Luckily I was blessed to feel it hit the roof of my mouth and I pulled it out. One end was curved and the other is VERY sharp. I freaked out. They had me fill out a report and actually tried to charge me for our drinks...they took that back REAL quick. I am fine. I just can't help thinking what would have happened had I swallowed it. I am thinking...surgery?! Yikes!

After that terrible experience I needed some retail therapy. I was so excited to look across the street and see Michaels! Ahhhhh...

And right next door was TJMaxx! Heaven! LOL! I bought the cutest Betseyville bag (Yes, another one).

After our intensive retail therapy we hit Happy Hour at Sonic...I love BOGO!

Now we were off to the beach. It was cloudy, but it felt great! The water was great on my toes. That is as far as I go! LOL! I plopped down on my beach towel with my cell phone, watermelon slush, and Twilight....oooohhhh I was at such a good part!

After the beach we met up with my Mom, Lil Sis, and BIL for some mini golf. Then we picked up dinner to go at Outback. Luckily this meal was metal free, but it did kinda make me nervous. I hope that feeling passes.

On Sunday (Day #4) we (Minus BIL) drove to Myrtle Beach. We stayed at the Hampton Inn by Broadway at the Beach. It was very nice. We shopped at the Tanger outlets first. In the pet store a dog came up to Manga Dork and sniffed her purse's butt! She has one of those purses that looks like a stuffed Pug. It was hilarious! After dinner at Golden Corral (metal free again) we went to Broadway at the Beach. We shopped and played mini golf.

Manga Dork and RubyNan made a new friend in the Dept. 56 shop.

Don't tell BIL, but Lil Sis wouldn't quit hitting on the butler.

We were SO tired by the end of the day. I even got a little "crabby." LOL! We were the kind of tired that makes EVERYTHING....REALLY funny. We stopped for snacks at a Kangaroo gas station. The guy ringing up our goodies started singing about each item. He was in his own little hip hop world. I tried to hold in the giggle (my face turned red) and I laughed out loud. We giggled ourselves to bed at 2AM!

On Day #5 we checked out of our hotel and stopped at TJMaxx. I have been eyeing these collectible dolls for awhile and I finally broke down and bought a few. I bought several thanksgiving mice! Too cute!

We drove back to Lil Sis's for some last minute cardmaking and (unfortunately) packing. I have had a great time, but I miss my family. ALOT! We fly out at 9:35AM. The photo above is my niece, Morgan, in her new sweatsuit.

Happy Monday!


da Bergs said...

Holy Cow on the "metal meal" WHAT was it in?? The drink or food??? man! Scary!

Looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

It was in our spinach dip!

Marilyn said...

YUCK!!! Did you have to pay for anything? I sure wouldn't have!! Other than that experience, looks like you had a blast!!!! What I wouldn't do to get to go somewhere for a little vacation, forget out my life here!

Jan said...

I love all the pictures and retail therapy, but for some reason, I can't get passed the metal thing. That is so stinkin scary. I am so glad that you felt that. NO fun. Love the picture of you on the beach. Very cute.

Anonymous said...


Glad everything turned out OK!

Looks like you had a TON OF FUN! I remember going to Myrtle Beach...i love that place!!! ♥---memories.....yes girl i was 18 and SINGLE!!! and stretch mark FREE!!! it was one HOT summer!!!!

anyway...back to YOUR life----

i love the CRABBY PICTURE! ha ha! you are so funny!! and i love the picture of you readin TWILIGHT!! i can tell you were totally INTO it!!!

The Momster said...

Wow - it's a good thing you were aware there was something metal in your food - I would have had a cow, right there in the middle of the place... seriously.

Glad you guys had so much fun. I'm going to have to check out these Twilight books ... you have me a little intrigued. :)

Mechelle said...

So you are on a low metal diet? Good idea. Glad you had such a great time. I am missing the beach with all my heart. m

Marchelle said...

that is my kind of vacation! (except for the metal in the food part!) relaxing, doing whatever you want, shopping, hanging out with family. PERFECT!! thanks for sharing!

oh, and i think i'm selling my camera. i want to upgrade to a D80. ya interested? ;)

COMcewens said...

That metal thing is scary!! So glad you didnt swallow it! APPLE BOTTOM JEANS!!!! YEAH!!!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, we were eating at IHOP, as I was eating my salad I bit down hard on a box metal type staple. Can't even begin to tell you the amount of damage that I have endured over the years with that. They took the bill and we never saw it. They also paid for all my dental work that year.
Sounds as if you are having a great time on your vacation. I miss the beach so much...

scrappermimi said...

Sounds like a fun and exciting day except for the whole metal in the mouth thing, yikes!

Fun pics too!

Anonymous said...

that metal is crazy. i can't believe it was in your food