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Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are Here...

We arrived at Lil Sis's house about 5:30 pm. We had great flights and gorgeous weather. Everything was on schedule and went smoothly.

We are going to Walmart and out to eat. Then we are going to play Wii. This will be my first time!

BTW, for Twilight fans...I am hooked. I started reading at my Mom's last night and I am on page 286 already! I am so intrigued. Stephenie Meyer is an awesome writer. I can smell the fog, feel the dampness, and feel the intensity between Edward and Bella. Love it!

Happy Thursday!


Lawanda said...

Oh I love the Wii!!! It's a great workout, even if it is the regular Wii and not the WiiFit! LOL

Mechelle said...

How could everything go smoothly? You should help Frumpy out with her travels. M