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Monday, April 21, 2008

32 days.....13 pounds

I am so excited! AGAIN! Whichever of you bloggy friends made the comment that when the pounds start moving again that they will come off quickly was right! I lost another one! 13 more pounds to go. BTW, I don't know if I mentioned it, but 50 pounds is just my first goal. I want to lose another 50 by November 22nd! I get to collect the $1,000 from my grandfather at the first 50. Hey! Maybe he will offer $1,000 for another 50. LOL! In the end I will go from 225 to 125. Very reasonable for my 5'1" height.
I won't be posting Tuesday or Wednesday. I am going to travel to Amish Country with my Mom. We are going to be staying in a gorgeous Victorian B&B.
I used to be fascinated by the little things you can see in Amish Country like this sign. I now live where there is one within view from my front porch.
Also, the buggy rides have lost their appeal. Hubby gave me a Belgian horse and Amish buggy for Mother's Day 2 years ago. Funny note: Our neighbors thought we were Amish for awhile. LOL!

Have a great Monday - Wednesday and I will see you again on Thursday.


Judith A. Novak said...

Congrats on another pound! I know you are going to make your goal! Thanks so much for being a faithful poster on my blog, its really appreciated. I used to live in the mid-west and quite close to an Amish community. The horses that they used to pull their buggies were either Saddlebreds or Standardbreds. There was an old gentleman who repaired and sold tack and I always enjoyed going up to visit him when I had a piece of harness or a bridle that needed repairing. His wife made the best peanut brittle!

Flossie's Follies said...

congratulatiosn that is wonderful, I have to get motivated myself.

Lawanda said...

YAY for you on losing more weight!!! I am trying to lose weight too!!

I have to tell you I about fell over laughing at your daughter's eating mustard on strawberries! hahaha! I am glad my second dd is not alone in her strange eating tatses!! LOL

I love your little scrappy signs about your weight loss!!! Very cute :)

Keym said...

Congratulations! How exactly are you accomplishing this? I need to pick up some pointers.