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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

44 Days ....18 pounds

I love this card and I know it is no where near Christmas....I just couldn't resist. The stamp was done with embossing powder. So pretty and shiny. My apologies to those trying to forget winter.

American Idol......I was a little bored last night. My top 3: Micheal Johns, Syesha, and David Cook My bottom 3: Jason Castro (and his little guitar-like instrument too), Brooke White, and Carly Smithson. I think Carly didn't get the memo on what type of song to sing. She looked a little angry. As for who I think will go......I don't know. My guess....Jason Castro.

I have 44 days til I go to my sister's house and 18 pounds left to go. I will be pushing it to lose 18 pounds by then, but I am going to go for it! I think I will use the titles of my entries to keep track of days and pounds. I welcome any cheering or motivational comments from my friends in blog world. I'm gonna need it. LOL!

Happy Wednesday!

PS: Happy Belated Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! 45 years together (4-8-08)

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Flossie's Follies said...

This card is great, it is good to get an early start, I am usually trying to get mine done the last minute. Happy Anniversary to your parents.