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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

37 days.....16.5 pounds

Ok I am officially taking sides! I want David Cook to win! He is my #1. Also for the first time in all the seasons our whole house is in agreement! We love David Cook!

My bottom three: Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White, and Jason Castro I really think that tonight Kristy will be leaving. I was really surprised that the contestants were able to do the Mariah songs so well. Simon was right, the boys did outsing the girls. I do think that the girls were easier to compare to Mariah and that put them at a disadvantage.

My weight went down half a pound! I was so glad! Hopefully this is the start of getting away from 192.5! YAY!

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy the results show.


Marilyn said...

I have been a David Cook fan since the start...I will sooooo buy his CDs! I love his sound and his style! Unfortunately, I am afraid the other David will win, simply because the girls love him. All he can sing are ballads, and it will be a tragedy if he wins. David Cook has way more talent and has more star qualities than David A. Hopefully America will do the right thing. Kristy Lee...not my fave, but being from Oregon, I am still hoping she makes it further, though I don't vote for her! lol. I can't wait till the contestants work with Neil Diamond and Andrew Lloyd Weber..can't wait to see what David Cook does with showtunes!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Hmmmm...showtunes...that should be interesting. Idol is so much better this year than last! I agree about David A. only singing ballads. Cute kid, but seems limited.