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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

38 days....17 pounds

Looking back over the years I have found that I find certain things that appeal to me and then proceed to become obsessed with them. LOL! For example: Yorkshire Terriers, Holstein cows, Schnauzers, Snowmen, Cherries, and now it is slowly turning into bees. I wondered where it had begun. I found some photos from Halloween 2007 that gave me a BIG HINT. Not to mention we went to see the "Bee Movie" the following weekend. From there I have slowly found myself thinking bees are the new cherries. LOL! When I do this, my family and friends tend to go with it for any gifts I receive and I end up with lots of little doodads based on my new obsession.

Do you have something that you love and end up collecting?

BTW.....I am so sick of putting 17 pounds in the titles but the pounds just won't move. Maybe tomorrow...

PS: Hi Kay-Kay! Thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to your visit this summer.

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The Momster said...

Oh I know what you mean. I mentioned to someone that I just loved Holstein Cows when we got married many years ago. Well, that one person must have told the world because I got more cow stuff for my kitchen that you might realize. Now I'm afraid to admit anything that I love - :)
I bet when the 17 lbs starts to shift, it'll happen quickly. Keep up the good work!