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Monday, April 7, 2008

Back from our trip

We are back from our trip. What a nice 4 days! It felt so good to be able to hold a full conversation with hubby. On the first day we arrived I dropped him at the conference and went to see "Meet the Browns." It was so nice to be all alone with only my thoughts for a little while. The movie was ok. I was impressed that when I washed my hands in the bathroom I was able to take the time to blow dry them. LOL! I spent day #2 with Mom and day #3 with my hubby's Aunt. All the evenings belonged to just me and hubby. I relaxed! Hubby and I reconnected.

Keym had asked about my 50 lbs gone by May 23rd goal. I had read that 8 - 10 pounds per month is a healthy ok amount to go for. I started January 1. I have lost 32 pounds so far. I strive to eat 1200 calories, 25 grams of fat, 64 ounces of water, and exercise 30 minutes daily. I by no means have done all that in any one day, but I have hit a plateau and I am going to have to get my butt in gear. I take a vitamin daily, but ABSOLUTELY no diet pills. I have done this the old fashioned way. I also have a "naughty" meal about every 2 weeks.

I have REALLY missed reading everyone's blogs and keeping up with mine. Feels good to be home.


Marilyn said...

Sounds like you had a good time!

Great job on the weight loss. As far as the plateau, I have heard (years back), that when you hit a plateau, you should knock more calories down. I don't know if it works, but it is worth a try. I think you have made great progress so far and are doing a great job. :)

scrappyhappy08 said...

Congrats on the weight loss and thanks for the encouragement you left on my blog...I'm just trying to take things day by day! Sounds like you had a relaxing time with your hubby!:)