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Friday, April 18, 2008

35 days....14.5 pounds

I just about fell off the scale this morning! I have actually lost 35.5 pounds! Only 14.5 left to go. This loss also put me at 189.5. Goodbye 190s! Talk about a great way to start your morning. I have just really tried to behave myself. I have stopped "grazing", added more water, and got active. Looks like it is working. It has given me hope that I can reach my goal.

I wanted to share this sunset photo I took from my front porch. I shot it with my plain old digital camera. It makes me glad that I live on the farm. Country life is definitely the life for me.

Yesterday when we went to the park I thought I would be funny and go down one of the slides headfirst on my stomach. (BTW, we were the only ones there.) My foster son took pics, and then he gets behind me and pushes me on down the slide. I pulled back and pulled the muscles in my neck. Ouch! The kids thought it was hilarious!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are going to have our 3 year old's 3rd birthday party. She was sick on her birthday and her party had to be canceled. Now almost 6 weeks later we are finally getting the time to celebrate. At her age you can do that kind of thing.

Happy Friday!

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Michelle said...

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