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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Creative

Thank you to our cousins for the goodies they sent to the kids. Sorry we missed the birthday boy's party. We were in NYC!

I couldn't resist covering another notebook with the paper from my BFF Ruth.

I made this for Manga Dork. I love how it says Tomboy Princess. That is SO her.

My Stampin' Up consultant taught me how to add paper to the inside of an ink pen to make a coordinating pen. Then I added some ribbon. Too cute!

I had to make 2 more cards to take to my Lil Sis's house in a couple weeks. Mom and I each made 10 cards and then gathered the supplies to make 3 more of each card. We are going to have a cardmaking party one evening during our visit.

This is the other card I made to take to her house. I got the idea from http://www.chicnscratch.typepad.com/! She has so many great ideas. There is even a tutorial to help make this card. So summery!

Happy Thursday!


BeccaHill said...

Those are tooo cute. Can't wait to try making the popsicle.

Frumpy Luv said...

So so cute - I love your creativity!

Marilyn said...

That notebook is just adorable!! Perfect for a tween (I am assuming that is her age group). You did a wonderful job on those cards!! It is so nice to see you scrappin again-even if it is altering and cards!

Hey, we gotta figure out a way to share email addresses...what do you think? You are on CK right? I will try pming you, and you can do the same.

Jan said...

Okay Scrappy. You are knocking our socks off here. I love everything so far. Great job. That popsicle is so so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Mechelle said...

These are so cute! You are wonderful. So creative! My daughter is a denim forget the lace type gal! But she would love all of these. Keep going girl, you are on a roll. m

COMcewens said...

those are SO darn cute!!!! LOVE the pen!!!

Lawanda said...

You are so creative!!! :)

Frumpy Luv said...

I have to say that I have never heard of the library club, but that does sound so cool!! I know if my school would have had it, i would have so been there - my nose was in a book constantly.

But you win - you were the coolest!! =)

Michelle said...

I love making these little notebooks. Now is the time to buy them. Composition books at walmart are 25 cents right now!! They're great for journals

Mother Goose said...

ok, you are slowly motivating me to revisit my scrap bookin' closet. I am sooo going to make the popsicle card!

I want to make those notebook covers too. Did you glue the scrapbook paper to the front and then embellish?