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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Tour of the Junkyard

This is the house I was raised in. We always lived here. In the summer my mom plants flowers all around the house and it is gorgeous.

Yep, I was raised in a junk yard. My father worked at a plant and slowly started buying cars. Then people started wanting parts off those cars. It continued to slowly grow until he was able to quit his job and become self employeed. I remember when Dad went to work at the plant. I loved checking his metal lunchbox to see if there was anything left inside. He drove a VW beetle bug that had one fender that would flap and make a weird sound. He has made a great living for his family.

For years dad sold parts from his fields full of old automobiles. Then a few years back he learned how to install windshields. Then he got into providing wrecker service. His wreckers have always been used...some more than others. One time he got pulled over by a cop and he was written up for all kinds of things...the weirdest was "dead owl on front of truck." We have no idea how that got there. LOL!

Now that dad is in his mid-60s he has begun to clear out alot of the cars. This is one of their bins. The crusher has already been removed. I love to watch cars being crushed.

This cracked me up...looks like the truck is giving that car a piggy back ride!

This tickled me too...everything is off this car's frame except a still shiny bumper...wonder why that is still there and nothing else?
This is the tire pile. These are one of the things they pull off before crushing the car.

We always called this the "boom truck." It was in the middle of the field surrounded by cars.

I think if they crushed it that it might just turn to dust. LOL!
My dad has 2 workers who argue with him more than they work...it is funny to hear them grumble when dad sends them to do something. In a normal situation they would have been fired when I was 9! One of them is BFF Ruth's brother. My workaholic mom tried to get him to climb up to the top of the rusty boom truck and pull those honeysuckles out of it. He's afraid of heights so he told her "no"...can't say that I blame him!

Dad has a collection of old school buses. I think there are 4 to 5 of them.

I found this oldie in one of the garages.

This guy was in there too. Dad usually has really great old cars, but I was too cold to go down the road any further. His favorite is the A-models.
Hope you enjoyed the tour...I wanted to record some of these memories.


McEwens said...

Great tour scrappy!!!! Did you learn a lot about cars? What a great place to live with all that open space!!

I will have to look through your post to see what you thought of twilight!

richies said...

I too grew up with a junk yard - used car lot. My dad has always loved the old cars. Now that he is retired he still has the junk yard - car lot, but only buys and sells old cars. Model A's are his favorite. He has two of them.

An Arkie's Musings


this is such a cool background tour of your life :) ♥

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Love pictorial tours! I have a couple of relatives that had junk yards/wrecker services. Thanks for sharing.

Cynthia said...

You must have had quite the adventures as a kid exploring all of that!

The property is beautiful and I loved the pictures. Does your Dad know how to restore some of those old cars? I know they can be worth A LOT of money if he does. Then again, it would probably cost a small fortune to do that.

The other thing it makes me think of is how resourceful our parent's generation was. I think that skill is somewhat lost on younger generations. While youngesters expect others to grant them opportunity, our parent's generation went out and MADE them. Your Dad is a prime example.

Lawanda said...

That is very cool! :)

Jan said...

Love your new header Scrappy. That was the coolest pile of junk I have seen. My husband would call that junk heaven. Your dad is glad to have this on record. Nice daughter.

Tink said...

Loved the tour Scrappy! What GREAT memories...I'd be in heaven as a youngster! Sooo cool!

DV- Rebecca L. said...

Holy crow, I would have Loved a junk yard to play in and build dumb stuff with! Awesome Post

Mechelle said...

What an interesting place to grow up. Is that why they call you Scrappy?

My dad was a garbage man. It was cool to have your dad come to the school and pick up the garbage when you were in first grade. But not so cool when you were in High School. LOL.

Terri said...

What a great way to document how you grew up. Loved it.

DesertHen said...

Thank you for the tour...=) I love watching old cars being crushed. We lived on an old ranch with a large junk yard and when it sold, they brought crushers in to crush the old cars, etc...it was fascinating to watch. Thank you for sharing a part of your growing up years with us....=)

Mother Goose said...

i love those old cars and that scenery would provide some great pics!