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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Orange County Housewives...More Like Orange "Catty" Housewives!

Vicki and her daughter Brianna go to the Red Cross to donate blood. They are both universal donors and are excited to be saving lives.
Don't worry Vicki, my face would look the same way if I was donating! I get very sick. Unfortunately Vicki was turned down...I think it was due to a medication or something.

Lynne's daughter, Raquelle, celebrated her 18th birthday. She actually whined and pitched a fit to get her lil sis to take off the white dress and let her wear it. Gee!

She needs to take some lessons from Jeana's daughter, Kara. She got a summer job as a retail salesperson and somehow that blossomed into her redecorating the back area of the shop. She is SO motivated and a real go-getter like her mom.

It seemed like this episode had alot of "doing lunch" in it again. Here Gretchen is trying to get Lynne to tell her how old she is...she fails. I miss getting to see the housewives at their jobs and in their homes. These "lunches" seem too planned.

Jo, a housewife from seasons 1 and 2, invited Gretchen to be in her music video. Looked like fun, but I am not so sure about Jo's music ability.

The show ended with all the ladies having dinner (argh!). Lynne meets them all for the first time. For some reason while listening to the conversations Lynne decides to yell "cut" several times and tells them..."No talking about kids." The ladies are stunned and Vicki tells her not to tell them how to direct their conversation and that their kids are their lives and they want to talk about them. Go Vicki. I guess if I had Lynne's kids I wouldn't want to talk about kids either! LOL!
Tamra's son, Ryan, told her earlier in the episode that one of his past girlfriends had lost their baby at 3 months. That is why he got "nugget" tattooed inside his lip...cause the baby looked like a chicken nugget on the ultrasound...OMGoodness. At the dinner Tamra attacks Gretchen for going to the lake while Jeff was in the hospital. She says she would NEVER do that if she was in the situation...which makes Gretchen do this...

Gretchen should have whacked her with her gorgeous Louis Vuitton! To have a day off with your family when you have been taking care of someone with cancer for a year is not horrible. I would think it would be great to renew yourself every now and then so you can be your best for them. Bad Tamra!
Next week...Tamra defends herself to Laurie (the housewife who just left the show).


Mechelle said...

Good to know since I don't get much time to watch tv. Have a Happy New year! M

Jan said...

I love how you love this. Happy New Year Scrappy.

Bobbi Jo said...

I think there is WAY too much eating on this show for these ladies to look the way they do. I am still not sure about Lynn. Her girls are brats and drive me nuts. I am with Gretchen you shouldn't judge others because each person react or deals with things like this in their own way. I want to see more of the homes, workouts, daily things that we do. Okay will do!! Happy New Year my dear Scrappy friend. I can't read the Twilight series I am a wimp and Vampires have always given me the creeps. he he Honest though I would have nightmares like crazy. I know me! Thank you about my daughter. She is so funny and into the books. Hugs, Bobbi Jo