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Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh No I Didn't...Or Did I?!

I have been enjoying everyone's "Not Me Mondays" and "To Tell or Not To Tell" posts so I thought I would give it a try...with photos of course!

I would never repeatedly turn the water fountain off and on in an attempt to get a cute photo of Cutie sticking her tongue out at it!

I would never bribe my 2 small children with a ride on the quarter horse to get them to behave while in the grocery store.

I would never subject my sweet girls to the cold AGAIN to get that much desired Christmas card photo and declare all of them unusable and then mark Christmas cards off my list of things to do. Mission Impossible...

I would never make a huge disaster in my schoolhouse and then take my mom in it for the first time.
I would never attend a party and wrap one of our gift exchange presents in a Capri Sun box...good thing you can't see under the purple gift wrap!

I would never take that Play Doh that Cutie Patootie received and put it up for summer...when they can play OUTSIDE with it!
I also would never plan this party with a friend and purposely ask that we not invite my MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL, Niece, and Nephew. I also would never thoroughly enjoy being at this party without them. I also would not avoid all questions from MIL when she mentions them not being invited.

I would never jump up and down when I realize that the box delivered by the post man is for ME from CJ The Purple Diva! How fun! She is such a sweet friend. Thank you Carolyn!

I would NEVER tell hubby to get me my Nikon at a certain place because of the bonuses you get with your purchase...then when he calls that store and they only have one and refuse to hold it til next weekend (it is 2.5 hours away) pout and go back to "settle" for one in the store we are currently shopping in only to realize that someone just bought the last one...argh!
In same store...I found a certain item...I walk away...I call MIL from my cell to tell her about it...I walk back to it and a man is looking at items above my item...I try to turn box over to explain what it is to MIL...man helps me turn it...I am telling MIL all it's features...she says get it for her...I hang up...man picks up MY item and says, "I hope they have more because I am getting this one." I would never just stand there and let him walk away...I would never just imagine knocking it out of his hands...evidently Circuit City should hire me cause he listened to me talking and I evidently sold him on it! Argh...
Happy Monday!


richies said...

I would never comment on someones blog and tell them that it made me smile.

An Arkie's Musings

DesertHen said...

Love it! Great Post! I would never trip that man in the store that stole your item....but I would have done it for you!!!

Merrianne said...

you are so funny! and i use Capri Sun boxes ALL THE TIME for wrapping gifts!!!

great minds think alike! hey...that means that i know how your mind works... you BAAAD girl! just kidding! haa ha! you are WAAAY sweeter than me!

Your kids are so beautiful! even when they are freezing their tushies off! :)

Jan said...

So funny Scrappy. I am still loving the craft school. And we have those same antlers. For the play tomorrow night. Everything looks so fun and they are so cute (your kids).

Mechelle said...

You are so not making me smile. I am so not wanting you to get that camera. m

Wendy said...

Your girls are pure sunshine!!

I know you would never do all those things...but so glad you posted them..:o)

Mother Goose said...

I loved it and I would never drive 2.5 hours or more just to get that camera after the other camera was maliciously bought! I would never say, Um, excuse me? I don't think so, grab the box and say thank you! for your sake, I do hope they have more! LOL, never! I would never do that!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Loved the pictures of the girlies! And this post...too funny! Thanks for the shout out!