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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O' Faux Christmas Tree...O' Faux Christmas Tree...

Well, Dr. Hubby brought our faux Christmas tree up from the basement and that ended our quest for our first real tree...this is the puny really cheap $15 Christmas tree we have used for the 14 years we have been married.

Manga Dork loves putting the ornaments on, but dislikes helping me with the lights and garland.

Our tree is one of those with memories behind every ornament. We have ornaments from our very first Christmas to ornaments that the kids made in school.

We usually buy Dr. Hubby a doctor ornament every year. The white bulb is from my senior year in high school.
Manga Dork lifted Wild Child to put our Boyds Bear angel on the top. Where was Cutie Patootie during all our festive fun?!
She was curled up in bed watching SpongeBob. The girl loves a good rest!
I did manage to "stage" a photo with her in it. Such good sports! I think they were just glad I didn't drag them into the snow for the photo! LOL!
Me in my Christmas jammies gettin' some love from my Wild Child.
Type A personalities may want to skip my next sentence. Yes, I let the kids hang ALL the ornaments wherever they choose. They love to rearrange them too. It's not perfection...it's FUN!
Buzz Lightyear is sat under our tree every year (well, since the year Toy Story
was out) to protect our presents. He was a free gift from Kay Bee Toys on Black Friday.
All of our stockings were hung with care (Annie Louise's too).

This is the wall in my dining room. I loved the Christmas pictures from Home Interiors.

I recently started picking up the cute little Annalee mice. TJMaxx is a great place to find them for 50% off or more...

My Christmas placemats from Walmart.

These towels are my fave new Christmas decoration for this year. I want to collect Scotties and plaid for my kitchen holiday decorations. The babies say that the dogs are "Daddy and Mommy."
I hope you enjoyed seeing our decorations. Nothing fancy...it's all about the FUN!
Happy Tuesday! No school here today...snow!


Jan said...

Great job guys. Everything is decked out.

Love the Jammies. Those are so cute.

Lisa Loo said...

wow--its like dejavu! We have a costco tree and we collect ornaments AND I let the kids decorate!! Fun stuff!!

Wendy said...

Your decorations are simply beautiful! I love your tree and that Buzz guarding the presents...too funny!

Snow days are the very best!! My two monkeybones were praying for no school, because of the ice...but it missed us by 1 county..YEAH!! So off they went to take semester exams...complaining all the way...:o)!!

Tink said...

It's beautiful and sooo festive! I love it all! Congrats! We just got our tree up last night! Wahoo~

DesertHen said...

Love your tree....we do the same thing with our ornaments and I can tell stories about them all. I have ornaments on the tree from when I was little...Countrychick loved hearing my memories about them. She always helps me with the lights and now we have it down to a tee....=) Well at least we didn't kill each other while hanging them this year!

I love all of your decorations...=)

When did December get so short????I still have so much to get done....oh well, at least I'm almost done with the shopping....

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Wow! So much joy to look at! Sorry you didn't get your real tree! I love the pic with you in your jammers holding one of your babies!

Mother Goose said...

you are so well decorated! I think I am being cured from my type a personality! I used to let them hang all the ornaments and be so proud. They would go to bed and then I would re arrange each of the ornaments. They never noticed. ThIS YEAR! I DID NOT! I let them hang it and the ornaments sit where they sit!

Shanda said...

Your tree is very pretty. Not perfect is ok with Christmas trees and such.
I am so into Christmas Jammies right now too. I been want'in me some!!!! I am trying to re3frain because I don't NEED some!!!!

Sondra said...

I know those Home Interior Pictures.. My Mom has those same ones hanging on her wall every year.

Totally love Buzz light year guarding the presents!! What a grand idea!

I also love your PJ's... All of your decorations look great. I know I am a type A personality - but your tree looks great in the pictures. I am bad because all of the home made and special ornaments are still sitting in the box for the past couple of years. I went with a fancy tree - but am kinda itching for an old fashion real tree with pop corn strings and home made construction paper loops and all the fun ornaments. Maybe next year I'll try something different. I'm glad you posted your pictures!

Cynthia said...

Yeah! You're all ready for the season- and it's almost over! LOL!

I think it's cool you let the kids put the ornaments wherever they want. I bought a whole separate tree for the kids so they could do that without messing up my 'good' tree. Kind of dumb of me I guess. I mean, big deal if they hang it somewhere I wouldn't.

You pretty much rock.

Dana and Daisy said...

hey scrappy girl, pretty at your house! I just learned my fav scrap store is closing, boo hoo!

But I really wanted to tell you that I put you on a link of my Workout Wednesday Team on my sidebar, so I'll be checkin' in with ya!

Love, Dana

Merrianne said...

your tree is just adorable!!!!

and your kids are, too!!! :)