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Sunday, December 21, 2008

This Christmas...

I am done Christmas shopping! Hallelujah! AND I only have a few more to wrap. I love wrapping presents. I was SO sick Friday when Dr. Hubby and I went shopping, but I made it! We got home at 1 AM! I am feeling better today.

I am looking forward to Christmas. On Christmas Eve we will have FIL, MIL, BIL, SIL, niece, and nephew at our home to exchange gifts with them. These relationships have been getting weirder. I found out that MIL calls Dr. Hubby and "tells" on me. Great! LOL!

On Christmas day we will open gifts at our home and then go to eat lunch at MIL and FIL's home.

The day after Christmas we travel to my parent's home for "Christmas Eve 2." We party at my grandparents with aunt and uncle, their kids, and their grandkids. I haven't seen any of them all year.

On Saturday we celebrate "Christmas Day 2" with gifts and Christmas dinner. We usually play games all evening.

On Sunday we will be traveling back home.

Hope your holiday is packed with FAITH, FUN, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FESTIVITIES, FOOD, and....I can't think of any more F's...LOL!


Adventure girl wanna be said...

So sorry you were sick, so glad you got your shopping done, so sad your MIL is such a !!!!!!!, so curious what Dr. Hubby really thinks and says about all that, so wising you the best Christmas EVER!

Jan said...

You are ahead of the ballgame for sure. Great job. And have fun. Another f word would be fantabulous.

Mechelle said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sorry you were not feeling well while finishing up your shopping. I bet it feels good to have it done.

Merry Christmas. m

DesertHen said...

Hooray for you on getting all of the shopping done. Sorry you were sick...=( I just have a few more things to get, then I can wrap it all. I finally got around to my holiday baking this weekend...that is all I have done since Friday night!!

Have a fun, fantastic Holiday with all of your family....=)

((HUGS)))) to you...=)

Shanda said...

Hope your feeling all better by Chrisymas. I never thought of it but they all do start with f's. Sorta weird.
Hope you have a blessed one,

Wendy said...

Can you come and wrap all of our gifts...lol! I hate the wrapping part...I usually sucker my hubby into doing it! But this year he has had two hand surgeries, so he is still on the mend...;o) I know, maybe there is a gift wrapping fairy out there that will come and help me...hahaha!

OOOHHH...I would be having some fun with that "being told on stuff"! Is there a family male friend that your MIL doesn't know...LOL!!! Might have to have a visit from the cable-man several times in one week...heehee!!!!!!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Dang ya'll are partying it up BIG time! :-) Sounds like a lot of fun and good times! Nothing like that going on in my life!