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Friday, December 12, 2008

Scrappy Girl Needs...

I saw this on Michelle's blog and I had to give it a try...so funny! You google your name and the word "needs." I used my real name.

Apparently I need...

*help obtaining a divorce from the man accused of killing my daughter. That is so sad.
*a gelato machine. I have never had gelato...but I would love to try it!
*well wishes because I was fired. I bet it was because I don't cook!
*to know what I have done to make the residents of my very own town hate me. I bet my sneaky inlaws spread rumors about me...LOL!
*intervention in all areas-communication, recreation, academics, and social. Not a shock there! LOL!
*help moving. I think this is because of the divorce and being fired.
*to get hit by a bus. OUCH!
*a new transmission for my truck. Hey I know a good junk yard!
*to take a chill pill. After rereading my last post I may have to agree.
*to be in a home with other dogs. I was rescued from a farmhouse. Someone rescued me from the insanity!
*to be tied up in the town square. YIKES! It doesn't help that a woman with my first name just got off for doing a terrible crime and ALOT of people are ticked!


*to be immersed in water an hour every 24 hours to keep my powers. Sounds like I need to go take a bubble bath right now!

You definitely have to try this...FUN!


Jan said...

That is hilarious Scrappy.

HP_Twilight_Freeek said...

JJ needs a temporary foster home, while we work to find a forever home.

JJ needs to lay off the Honey Deuces.

JJ needs an astringent and some face blotter papers.

JJ needs to take some pointers from this dude on hitting the hole!

JJ needs a paternity test.

JJ needs to start.

Wild!! I need a bubble bath myself!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I loved it! I may try it too! LOL

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I did this. It posts in the morning! thanks for the idea!

Wendy said...

Funny!! I loved them all! Great Idea!!!

Shanda said...

scrappy, becareful with the snow effect. It is messing up some peoples blogs making them inacessable to others. I tried to put them on my blig and my virus scan warned me of the trojan virus and quarentined the file until I could delete it. may want to check it out. leslie at My Country Home had problems also.

Michelle said...

LOL! Pretty fun huh?

Merrianne said...

SCARPPY! that is so funny!!!! i have been seeing that NEEDS thing on several blogs now... i think I NEEDS to be doing it, too!!!


and About The Christmas Sweater results.... oh gosh! that is so funny.... :0 i am scared that i would probably be TACKY, too!

Tink said...

Oh, I love the bubble bath idea! Go for it! That's hilarious. I've never heard of doing that. Hmmm, I might just go do it for the fun of it. Ha!

Mechelle said...

That was such fun. I will have to try it. m

Mother Goose said...

ok, ok i will try it!