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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Ornament & The Accident

Do you have an ornament that you love? One that is very sentimental? You have had it for many years? If you were told that the tree was on fire and you could only save one you would immediately grab it? Well...I have one like that...or maybe I should say I HAD one like that.

This is an ornament I bought December 1992 during my senior year of high school. Our football team had won the state championship and we were very proud of them.

This morning Manga Dork was putting away the ornaments. I came through the house and saw her reaching for ornaments with her eyes on the tv. Next thing I know I see something fly off the tree and I hear a CRUNCH! I didn't even have to ask...

I did not yell...I just went to her room and counted to 10 (or maybe 100)and cried a few tears. I came out and I explained that I was very sad about the accident and that I had seen her watching tv instead of doing her work. Her paying attention to what she is doing has been a big problem....ummmm...can you say teenager! She was very upset that she had broke it and I think it made an impression on her...now hopefully she will learn from her mistake.

As for me...it just really STINKS! Boo Hoo!


Dana and Daisy said...

weeelll, I don't know? Maybe break it up some more and glue it like a mosaic onto a scrapbook page?

Just kidding of course. I say only peanut butter for Manga Dork for a week!

Somewhere in between is probably the right response.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh so sorry about that. I certainly remember the teen age years with my girls...........hang on tight girl! Happy New Year's!

Ann Marie said...

Your a good Mom.
I would have yelled. Alot. And Cryed.
We graduated the same year. Just seems like a few years ago... Doesn't it?
Sorry you lost a sentimental item.
I bet your daughter feels so bad.
Maybe I'd better take the ornaments off my tree..

Ps: Word Verification is FORKS! Cool huh??

Happy New Year! ~ Ann Marie

Creative Mish said...

Way to go Mama! I'm proud of the way you handled this!

*Keli* said...

Well, #1 you handled in an awesome way! Yay for you! And as for Manga, hmmmm, no TV for months! LOL! I'm so sorry about your ornament! At least you have pictures??? : (

Marilyn said...

That really stinks! I have an idea though, that will still help serve the ornaments purpose, and it should start the healing process. You wanna hear??? Use the photos you took of it (didn't you also show us that ornament at the beginning of the season?), and make a new ornament with it! That way it is still an ornament, and you can still enjoy it, and the memory!

I am also proud of how you handled it!

The Blonde Duck said...

I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi! Happy New Year!

whoopsadasie said...

Wow...that was awesome how you handled that! Woo Hoo! Sorry that you lost your favorite ornament. Marilyn has a good idea though!!

Wendy said...

Loved the way you handled your teenager! So sorry about your ornament (((Scrappy Girl))) hugs for you!

Yes...I have an ornament like that...it's a Santa Pez dispenser. It's was given to me by my grandmother many many many years ago...37 to be truthful! I don't even let my kids touch it! I think my son has it out for me...because when something gets broken it's always mine and he's the one that did it! Just a few weeks ago he was solider crawling over my bed with his nerf gun and broke a huge chunk off my foot board...YIKES! But the story doesn't end there...I walked in and caught him with the rubber cement on my new carpet about to slather it all over the chunk! I screamed "FREEZE buddy"...thank goodness I caught him before the slathering began...lol!